Ivar Jacobson International Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium to Collaborate and Apply its Expertise in the Application of Software Development

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Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) today announced it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, which aims at accelerating and promoting the business use of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ivar Jacobson International strongly supports the importance of industry-wide, international standards for easier interoperability and is keen to actively participate in framework discussions. Ivar Jacobson International is a global consulting firm working with large enterprise customers to improve the performance of software development teams while optimizing and de-risking the delivery of their technology. The announcement was made at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona Spain, being held from September 16 – 18, 2015, where IJI founder Ivar Jacobson is participating on a panel discussion.

“The Industrial Internet will require all of the kinds of systems that we have today: communication, mobile, distributed, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. but it will also drive new technologies that we have not yet seen. This creates a challenge for the companies and teams developing the software to make all this possible – but perhaps more significantly is the challenge of the number of methods that they use,” stated Dr. Ivar Jacobson. “The multitude of different types of applications, the high degree of interaction and connectivity required between them, and the high levels of collaboration needed between the teams that will develop them will not just stress the development organizations – but stress and break traditional ways of working.”

Ivar Jacobson International strongly supports a practice-based approach to software  development powered by the OMG Standard Essence. Essence provides a common framework for defining software development practices, which includes essential elements that are universal in every software development effort and includes a simple language for describing methods and practices. This approach is method-agnostic providing a common framework as teams with different practices connect across different development processes.

“Although the Industrial Internet isn’t about methodology, industrial internet requires industrial strength methodologies, which points to the OMG Essence standard,” claimed Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium. “Dr. Jacobson has built a legacy of clearly understanding market requirements and defining new software development approaches as market demands change. IJI which drove the standardization of Essence, is using Essence to provide a method starter pack for Industrial Internet, which seems very promising.”

Ivar Jacobson International is looking forward to working closely with the more than 200 Industrial Internet Consortium members. “We strongly believe in the IIC and the work that the group is doing,” said Rick Morrow, chief executive officer of IJI. “By joining the consortium we will ensure that our clients are able to benefit from IoT initiatives.”

*OMG is the parent organization of the IIC though the IIC does not endorse any OMG standards, including ESSENCE, at this time

*The IIC is not a standards organization, however, we do look to make standards recommendations in the future

The Industrial Internet Consortium is an open membership organization formed to accelerate the development, adoption and wide-spread use of interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics and people at work. Founded by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel in March 2014, the Industrial Internet Consortium catalyzes and coordinates the priorities and enabling technologies of the Industrial Internet. For more information, please visit www.iiconsortium.org.

Ivar Jacobson International is passionate about improving the performance of software development teams, and optimizing and de-risking the delivery of technology to provide tangible business value. Our practice-based approach, powered by Essence, ensures organizations can leverage and sustain their work as they evolve and adapt to changing market requirements. Whether you’re a small team or a team of teams developing for the Industrial Internet, our approach will scale with your needs. www.ivarjacobson.com