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Brazil's gay 'cure' sparks fury

Controversial plans to offer state help to Rio de Janeiro's gays have stunned Brazil.

Lula's Brazil: Onwards and upwards

Brazilian leftist president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, told an audience of US investors those who bet against the Brazilian Government will end up losers.

Death squads rife in Brazil, UN told

Death squads are operating in at least 15 Brazilian states, according to a document passed to the United Nations by the Brazilian Government this week.

Why was a British journalist murdered in Chile?

The news focus on Chile concerning the detainment of General Pinochet in London has until now paid no attention to the fate of the British defence journalist Jonathan Moyle, who was found hanged in his Santiago hotel room on April 1 1990.

Operation Condor: How Pinochet eliminated exiled dissidents

"The UN official only left the plane at Santiago airport moments before the door closed. We never felt safe. Even when our plane landed in Rio we were very scared as people had been abducted there in the past and disappeared."

Pinochet's army successor declares arrest 'unacceptable'

A summit of Chile's security forces chiefs have met in Santiago to discuss their former commander's continuing detainment in London.

Pinochet draws parallels with another 'dirty war' commander

Britain's record on responding to other countries' requests to hand over human rights abusers is blemished by the case of Alfredo Astiz of the Argentinean army.

Brits warned away as unrest continues in Santiago

The foreign office has advised Britons on holiday or residing in Chile to keep a low profile and avoid areas of political activity and prominent public places, whilst General Pinochet remains under arrest in London.


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