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RAILLIGHTING is proud to present its innovative railway lighting system for safety: the plug-and-play Railpuck luminaire. Our cost-effective lighting solution improves safety by providing complete lighting of pathways alongside railway tracks. Users report greatly improved visibility of obstacles and obstructions, in places where traditional lighting methods simply do not reach the needed work areas. The Railpuck also prevents light pollution through a directed grazing light with shielding to ensure no light escapes, preserving nighttime environments and ecosystems. It is also very energy efficient, with the additional motion sensor providing even more energy savings, and ensuring light is present only where, and when it is needed.

Improved safety and visibility with Railpuck

With the innovative grazing light, pathways alongside railway tracks are fully illuminated, drastically increasing safety on site. Light from lighting columns often does not reach critical areas on the ground and in between parked trains, making the Railpuck a necessary lighting solution for any train yard, marshalling yard or storage facility. Railway workers across harbours, industrial zones, railway yards, as well as metro and tram facilities can now work safely with full visibility.

Eco friendly with no light pollution: protecting dark skies and ecosystems

RAILLIGHTING is committed to future-proofing our railway lighting solutions to safeguard natural environments for future generations. With our Railpuck luminaire we achieved sustainability through dimmable, energy-efficient LED technology that is shielded to protect nighttime environments and ecosystems. Furthermore, we limit the materials used and keep shipping eco-friendly with the Zero Waste Trolleys.

“The Railpuck system was designed with a strong focus on simplicity and effectiveness, our approach was to focus on the specific function of the walkways to be illuminated, not simply adapt an existing system to the situation. This resulted in a system that excels in efficiency, with the added benefit of lower maintenance costs, an improved user experience, and a friendlier impact on the environment. By looking from the perspective of a technician and the environment in which they work, we designed the Railpuck system to make installation simple and intuitive. This results in a reduced chance of errors during installation, which in turn leads to increased reliability and guaranteed results.”

Marco Rooks | Director | RAILLIGHTING

Plug-and-play: installation by hand with minimal downtime

Downtime as a result of construction work at railway yards and the related negative effects on planning and transportation often prevent necessary improvements. We have addressed this by making the Railpuck lighting solution fully plug and play! The system can be installed by hand without any need for machinery or lengthy downtime. On our last project, we were able to install nearly 500 meters of lighting in just one day, with only two technicians.

Cost and energy savings: TCO up to 5 times less!

The Total cost of ownership is up to 500% cheaper than alternatives, with reductions in costs for materials, labour and downtime. The Railpuck also results in great energy savings through efficient LED lighting and motion sensors providing even more savings.