Voquent’s Casting Tech Transforms Media Productions


Voquent.com, an established voice-over company specializing in large-scale multilingual projects, announced the release of new talent casting technology. 


Voice-Over company, Voquent.com, provides game-changing technology to revolutionize the casting process for creatives worldwide.


This most recent development follows a string of technical innovations enabling Voquent’s customers to hear and pre-qualify 20-30 voice demos per minute—shortening an exercise that would usually take hours or days into minutes.  


Shortlisting voice talents has always been a time-consuming phase of productions for commercials, films, video games, and education. The latest enhancements to Voquent’s audio player and search tools make listening to hundreds of voice demos faster than anything seen previously in the industry. They significantly outperform the standard methods like reviewing showreel compilations or using a job board to collect auditions from freelance voice talents.


Voquent is already highly regarded for providing advanced voice talent search technology in 600+ languages and thousands of accents, enabling users to define exacting vocal attributes to pinpoint the best candidates quickly.


Co-Founder and Managing Director Miles Chicoine talks more about Voquent’s technology-centric approach: “Producers juggle many labour-intensive processes, including casting voice-overs. Selecting the right talent for any role is extremely demanding because human voices attract many different reactions from listeners. When considering a hundred potential candidates, you want the fastest possible tools for navigating your options.”


“We are constantly asking ourselves; how can we improve the customer experience? This approach led to recent improvements to the audio player, such as hearing the next talent with a single click or getting immediate access to a talent’s portfolio without losing your place in search. Our goal is to empower casting directors to work faster and with clarity and confidence. No other voice-over platform offers anything as rapid, intuitive, or productive as Voquent’s casting tools.”


Voquent’s casting technology is free to access – try it here: https://www.voquent.com/voice-actors/find/


Voquent.com is a global online voice-over agency and production company. Founded in 2018 with UK offices in London and Glasgow, Voquent.com helps businesses and entertainment companies source professional voice-overs in any language or accent.