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Seniors learn to loosen up through improv

As learning improv becomes a popular pastime for nonactors, classes have also sprouted up for seniors, encouraging them to loosen up, have some fun and build new social networks in their latter years.

Caffeine-free Lent practice grows in Oregon

Some Pacific Northwest Christians are giving up their Starbucks - and their sodas and energy drinks too - in a novel Lent observance that has its roots in ancient custom and is making a difference in developing countries.

Study finds parents who listen help children learn

A new study from Vanderbilt University says parents can help their children learn by simply listening, instead of providing all the answers.

The Red League rallies around a blue party candidate

The backing of communists may be a bit of election help that Barack Obama would rather do without but the Young Communist League are vowing to stay visible through November for whoever wins the Democratic party nomination.

Tonight they're going to party like it's 2012

Whether by choice or by birth, more than 200,000 Americans, known as "Leapers," have a life milestone that arrives only every four years, on Leap Day.

Prohibitionists abstain from alcohol, not elections

In its heyday, the Prohibition Party influenced national politics. In 2000, its presidential candidate won only 208 votes, but the few remaining members of America’s oldest third party are as dedicated as ever.

Sex ed for six-year-olds in Sunday school

Liberal churches offer sex ed programs for kids as young as six - and they don't just preach abstinence.

Family restrooms overcome stalls

Family restrooms have started appearing in more public buildings. Will these restrooms one day lead to the elimination of gender-specific bathrooms?

Teen photographers keep darkrooms in focus

Is film photography a dying art? Not according to some students in photography programs at public high schools...

Life is still a cabaret for Erv Raible

Erv Raible is the artistic director of the annual Cabaret Conference at Yale, and his passion has reached a new stage...


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