Guy turns to the internet as last hope for getting out of trouble

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A cry for a help and an effort to help others

When you are in trouble, where do you turn to?

Well, a web developer from Greece managed to get himself into huge trouble, trouble the size of US $1,200,000. He’ve done all the wrong things one could do in order to create that huge debt to friends, family and banks.

When realized he was going down fast, he saw the internet and the power of the global kindness as his last hope.

He created a website called where he started to share his story, putting two goals for this venture:

The first and obvious one is to get out of the big trouble he is in, before its too late and drag more people down with him.

But, there is more than just the obvious. He is trying to make himself an example of all the things one should avoid, when in a tight spot. By confessing the most inner thoughts that led his actions, he is slowly creating a guide based on his experience, experience being just a name he gave to his mistakes.