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The upside of hacking with EU Space data

Join the frontier of satellite data & signals with the CASSINI Hackathons and start Digitising Green Spaces…

The European interviews Jonathan Wood of C2 Cyber

For the first physical interview since the Covid-19 lockdown, The European interviewed Jonathan Wood, the CEO of C2 Cyber.

The upside of hacking with EU Space data

Join the frontier of satellite data & signals with CASSINI Hackathons and start Digitising Green Spaces…

Could Robo-vicar be the future? A quarter of people say they would take spiritual advice from an AI priest

The question of whether Artificial Intelligence could be the key to human immortality will be explored in the second episode of a new series of The Big Conversation to be made available on podcast and video from Friday 23 April 2021.

Fifosys acquires Birmingham-based MSP, Enforce Technology

Fifosys, a global leader in managed IT services, announces the successful acquisition of Enforce Technology Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity, cloud solutions and managed services.

G!Day1: A Decade of Casual Hits & A Social Future for Casual Gaming

G!Day1, the online keynote experience for fans of Game Insight games, has just been revealed to the public. This is the annual event where the company directly reaffirms its long-term commitment to its players to expand, and improve on their favorite games for years to come. At G!Day1, the company showcased its top casual games that have been in operation for a decade or more, and unveiled future plans for those casual hits.

ANIL UZUN Talks About Blockchain After COVID-19

ANIL UZUN sharing his thoughts on the effect of COVID-19 on the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies.

ANIL UZUN Gives Advice to Tech Founders

ANIL UZUN giving advice to startups and talks about the mistakes he has committed in his early days as a founder in tech and finance.

ESA Seal of Approval: Satcom Specialist Gets Funding for Development of 5G Network

The European Space Agency and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science have just acknowledged the leading satcom specialist, GateHouse SatCom. The have granted funding to develop software for coming Narrow Band IoT network based in space, offering 5G connectivity in regions with limited coverage. GateHouse SatCom already has the first few customers within the nanosatellite and telecommunications sector.

Cyberattaques contre les professionnels de la santé : le CyberPeace Institute appelle les États à mettre fin à toutes formes d’impunité

Le CyberPeace Institute lance son rapport «Nos vies en péril : pirater la santé, c’est attaquer les personnes» (“Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People”). Ce rapport est un appel à tous les Gouvernements à protéger le secteur de la santé, à déclarer illégales toutes formes d’attaques et faire en sorte que les criminels rendent des comptes.


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