MTGx MediaFactory Announces Partnerships

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Earlier this year, MTGx launched MediaFactory, a partnership initiative aiming to give startups and early stage companies the opportunity to grow and expand their ideas and businesses through the environment of a global media house.

MediaFactory is a program driven by these existing pillars where each one will partner up with promising companies in their field. MTGx announced today that three early stage companies have been sourced globally in the fields of online video and music.MTGx is the digital accelerator of MTG and is built on three pillars – Viaplay, Play and Ventures.

One of the companies, Los Angeles based Mobcrush, is a platform for streaming and viewing live mobile gaming. Mobcrush will spend three months in Stockholm at the MTGx office with Viagame, the e‐Sports platform launched by MTGx.

The objective is, together with MTGx, to build the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

Sharewall, based in Denmark, will work with the Viaplay team, to increase the awareness of Viaplay by using social sharing as a currency.

A third company within music, based in Los Angeles, will together with the MTGx music team create a visual music experience, that brings the audience even closer to their favorite artists.

“We see a significant interest from early stage companies to develop their products and ideas together with MTGx and our digital ecosystem.

“At MTGx we value entrepreneurship and the idea generation of the companies that we work with. Together, through leveraging our platforms and content rights, we can create amazing product experiences for our customers,” says Anil Hansje, Chief Investment Officer MTGx.

MTGx is the digital accelerator of Modern Times Group, and is focused on leveraging MTG’s digital assets and industry leading content portfolio, to create and deliver world class entertainment experiences. MTGx is committed to increasing the development speed of MTG’s digital entertainment services across the world, and provides centralised digital skills and platforms to all of MTG’s businesses. MTGx also works closely with innovation and startup communities around the world, to find and develop the entertainment services and products that will drive entertainment in the future.