Men & Mice xDNS Redundancy revolutionizes DNS management across multiple service provider platforms

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Men & Mice, experts in software overlay DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI), announces the release of Men & Mice xDNS Redundancy, a revolutionary approach to maintaining DNS high availability. xDNS Redundancy mitigates DDoS attacks and other forms of DNS failure by providing centralized management of critical DNS services across multiple DNS service provider platforms.

NS1 joins forces with Men & Mice to create unprecedented network resilience with xDNS 

Unprecedented on the DDI market, Men & Mice xDNS Redundancy enables the replication and synchronization of multiple DNS zones on diverse external DNS platforms. xDNS Redundancy:

  • Reduces the risk of exposure to a single point of DNS failure
  • Bolsters network reliability and performance and
  • Defuses the impact of DDoS attacks and other potentially harmful DNS incidents.

As part of the enterprise-class, back-end agnostic Men & Mice DDI Suite, xDNS is integrated with NS1, Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53, Dyn, BIND, and Windows DNS.

NS1, the leading intelligent DNS and traffic management provider, has joined forces with Men & Mice in improving the efficacy of external DNS redundancy.

Kris Beevers, NS1 co-founder and CEO, said: “Leveraging multiple managed DNS networks is the clear best practice for maintaining 100 percent uptime in today’s rapidly evolving operational environment. Configuring and operating multiple managed DNS services can be a complex, time-consuming process. NS1 is excited to partner with Men & Mice to help enterprises minimize management overhead and seamlessly enable redundant DNS. xDNS Redundancy is well-suited to enable multi-network DNS without the usual headaches.”

For Magnus Bjornsson, Men & Mice CEO, delivering DDI products that boost business performance by bridging the gap between on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud network environments, is a challenge happily accepted.

“Recent prominent network outages once again illustrate the critical importance of building more effective network resiliency through a powerful and secure system of DNS Redundancy. Providing DNS availability across service provider platforms with xDNS Redundancy is a great step towards strategically reinforcing the most critical of a company’s IT assets – its network. We are looking forward to cooperating with NS1 on developing xDNS and extending DNS Redundancy offerings.”

Almost three decades of expert innovation in DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) has garnered Men & Mice a reputation as the go-to, enterprise-class, software overlay DDI solution best suited to help enterprises capitalize on infrastructure investment, on-premises and in the cloud. The Men & Mice DDI Suite, used to run some of the largest corporate networks on the planet, is built to give you the freedom and flexibility to use the back-end platform you want, to build the network you need.