OMNI takes risk and compliance seriously by making Dow Jones vetting compulsory throughout its network

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OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) has become the first mobility commercial network in the world to have 100% of its members, and their supply chains, vetted for risk and compliance through a third party.  This provides all OMNI’s customers – corporate, Relocation Management Companies (RMC), trade and private – with the best possible assurance that the entire OMNI network is free from compliance concerns.

Photo:  Ian Waters, OMNI General Manager

For large corporations and government organisations a security breach can be devastating to their brands and credibility.  They understand that any security breach is most likely to come through one of their vendors and so strive to keep their supply chains clean and compliant with international anti-corruption rules.  They demand the highest possible standards and traceability from their suppliers and require much more than simple self-certification.

To meet this demand, OMNI now monitors its own network through the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Service and each OMNI company in turn monitors its own supply chain using the same system.  Dow Jones is a globally recognised and trusted organisation that helps companies comply with anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, corruption and economic sanctions regulations worldwide.  It does this through its research and monitoring centres that keep a close watch on the world’s media, government information, social media and by tracking high-profile individuals to identify breaches and potential breaches.  If there is any cause for concern, Dow Jones will alert OMNI or the relevant partner, immediately allowing them to take instant remedial action.

Ian Waters is the General Manager of OMNI.  He said that Dow Jones had been the obvious choice. “We wanted to give clients of OMNI members as much assurance as possible that their moves were being handled ethically and in line with all internationally-recognised standards,” he said. “Dow Jones is a trusted name that instantly puts clients’ minds at ease. We believe that we are the only network in the world that is vetted in this way by a third party.”

Kay Kutt is the Managing Director of Asian Tigers Mobility. She said that regulatory, contractual and behavioral compliance has become an integral part of her group’s discipline.

“Doing the right thing when no one is looking is key to our success in this area,” she explained. “The Dow Jones Risk and Compliance monitoring system supports our ability to do the right thing, working 24/7 to check on our staff, our partners and the clients that we serve.”

Laura Ganon is CEO of FINK in Brazil.  She said that the Dow Jones system has given her company the opportunity to prove that they are careful about their whole supply chain.  “We do check our global network, suppliers and clients, by using the Dow Jones tool,” she said. “If you seriously care about compliance it proves that you don’t just have a ‘paper compliance’ system in your organisation, but a true and effective one. I believe OMNI took the initiative that our industry needed at the right time.”

Walter Laffitte is the President and CEO of Canal Movers in Panama.  He said that the Dow Jones service through OMNI had helped with his company’s compliance procedures for ISO, BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator). Canal Movers has recently become the first Latin American moving company to be certified by the national customs authority.  “We check all our suppliers and clients through Dow Jones,” he said.

Garfield De Souza from Writer Corporation in India has already seen commercial benefits from the Dow Jones system.  “Writer has seen a quantitative difference in corporate client conversions after we integrated the Dow Jones compliance into our corporate sales presentations,” he said. “This unique selling point has led to two large corporate customer wins in the last five months. It’s given us the edge that we have not had in the past.”  

Salvatore Ferrante, President and CEO of Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage in California, said that corporate clients that operate in highly-regulated environments look for trusted partners that understand the value of a low risk and compliant supply chain. In 2017 his company won two major clients in part because it had the Dow Jones process in place. “In one instance the client’s compliance team queried an employee in our management team,” he explained. “This was quickly resolved as a non-issue, but it was interesting to see that they were checking.”

OMNI has provided its global network with a range of exclusive business services for over 30 years.  Making the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Service mandatory throughout the organisation is the latest initiative designed to provide OMNI companies with real and lasting commercial benefits, helping each of them to maintain their market-leading positions worldwide.