Koopman provides supply chain visibility with IBM Blockchain

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Koopman Logistics Group announced today its digitalisation strategy providing supply chain visibility to its customers, partnering with IBM to develop blockchain technology. During the month of April the first vehicle delivery will take place to PON Logistics in the Netherlands in a fully digitalised process. Koopman is one of the first suppliers in the Automotive supply chain to leverage the value of blockchain in a true operational process.


This digital solution, developed together with technology partner IBM, provides PON Logistics end-to-end visibility of the supply chain (track & trace), but also a full electronic CMR, eliminating all paper-based processes. IBM is leading in the development of blockchain-based industry platforms in an Agile – Scrum method.

Supply Chain visibility as enabler for fundamental improvements

Jon Kuiper, CEO of Koopman: “By offering our customers a fully digitalised supply chain, we support them in the fundamental changes our Automotive Industry is going through. Car Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Fleetowners are looking for double digit cost savings and additional logistic services. By using blockchain technology we can offer our customers a data-secure environment, where data are safe and cannot be changed or manipulated anymore. Blockchain technology enables us to follow the vehicle through its life in the supply chain, adding  tremendous value to our customers, giving them real-time information on the vehicle, not only its location, but also on damage, technical status, upgrades etc. This allows customers to re-engineer their logistics networks to achieve break-through cost reductions, but also helps for example to avoid mileage and VAT fraud, key issues in the cross-border sales processes of used cars. We are proud to be one of the first organisations to deliver an operational blockchain process in the Automotive sector that delivers immediate value to our customers. It is our ambition to set a new standard in our industry in the coming years”.

Digital services

Providing supply chain visibility to customers is part of the Koopman strategy to deliver digital services for the industry using latest technology. Koopman aims to deliver services that allow its customers (OEM’s and Fleetowners) to unlock significant value in its supply chain. Examples are full digitalisation of all transactional processes (CMR, customs processes, invoicing), supply chain re-engineering services and end-to-end services that eliminate the risk of fraud. After initial testing with key customers in the coming months, Koopman will make services and technology available for all its customers.

IBM as technology partner

IBM is leading in the build of  blockchains for business: a permissioned blockchain  with a private, scalable and secure network amongst the industry participants. The Linux Open Source code of Hyperledger Fabric forms the foundation of the blockchain. Key for a successful adoption is an easy-to-implement onboarding package where the different companies in the Automotive Supply Chain can integrate the existing IT systems with the Koopman Blockchain platform. 


Koopman Logistics Group started as a sole proprietorship back in 1930 and has become the largest player in the Benelux offering car transport, vehicle storage and additional services in the field of vehicle handling. The company distinguishes itself through its reliable reputation and chooses an integral approach: in close collaboration with the customer, the entire process is identified and optimized. This reduces lead times and enables vehicles to be re-used quickly. Thanks to its own IT department, breakthrough innovations are possible.

Customers include OEM’s, car importers, leasing companies and car rental companies. Koopman Logistics Group employs about 1,000 employees. Annual turnover amounts to approximately 150 million euros. Koopman Logistics Group has offices in Noordhorn, Nijkerk, Amsterdam, Born, Hoogezand, Vilvoorde (B) and Neuenburg (D).

Koopman Logistics Group is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004.

In March 2018, Koopman won a ‘Timmie award’ as ‘most innovative vendor’ for its break-through technological innovations.