Sunday, New Business Opportunity from Sophie Paris

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Starting August 11, 2014, Sophie Paris’s members can earn new business opportunities with the presence of Sunday. Sunday provides the most comprehensive home living products and needs; ranging from electronics, kitchen equipment, office equipment to nutritional health with best quality products and most importantly, guaranteed.

Sophie Paris as a fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia recreated a breakthrough and innovation to expand its business line to provide convenience to consumers in business and shopping. 

The presence of Sunday products is one of realizations of the vision “Delivers Happiness”, in which Sophie Paris determines to give happiness to the employee, members, distributors, suppliers, and all users of the products of Sophie Paris. Sunday catalog is presented to meet consumers’ and Sophie Paris’s members’ needs for a good quality home living products. Sunday received a tremendous response during the launch in mid-August, the Sunday sales was beyond expectation. “From the response to this sale, we are very optimistic that Sunday could be a promising business opportunity in home living products,” said Mr. Geoffrey Bagot, Vice President Sunday.

“By running the Sunday business, Sophie Paris’s members may have the opportunity to achieve an extra turnover and interesting bonus. Members only sell products from Sophie Paris fashion and beauty catalog all this time, but now is the time to achieve success with other business that are not less interesting,” added Mr. Geoffrey Bagot.

Sunday catalog is published once a month along with Sophie Paris catalog which can be found in BC (Business Centre) in every sales area of Sophie Paris. With the vision of “Healthy Home Living”, Sunday brings very diverse products to support your healthy lifestyle such as, kitchen utensils, cookware, decorative purposes, tools and equipments, needs for home and office, hobby products, nutrition for health, and electronic products. Benefits for Members in Sunday business is equally diverse, such as a 20% discount from the catalog price and the bonus will be added along with the bonus of Sophie Paris catalog product sales.

Healthy Living with Healthy Cooking Using Sunday Products

Sophie Paris organized an inspiring activity that supports the vision “Healthy Home Living” which also marked the launch of Sunday, a talk show themed Healthy Living with Healthy Cooking with Chef Billy Kalangi (guest star Sunday catalog, Celebrity Chef) and Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK (Nutritionist) as speakers. The event also featured healthy menu cooking demonstration by Chef Billy Kalangi using home living products by Sunday on Friday, August 15th, 2014 at Sophie Paris Building, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

In this talkshow, Chef Billy and Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK, explained about the importance of healthy cooking methods. “Healthy living has to be supported with healthy eating. The food will be good for health if the way to cook it is also good, which for example by steaming, boiling, and so on,” said Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK.

In addition, Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK also emphasized the importance of a healthy diet based on the balanced nutrition. “The amount of food we eat should be in accordance with the needs and contain all the nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber). All content of these nutrients can be obtained from our daily diet which are staple food and side dishes as well as vegetables, fruits, and enough water,” said Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK.

According to Dr. Inge Permadhi MS, SpGK, a healthy diet must meet 4J elements, namely:

1.J1: Jumlah (Amount. The amount of energy from food intake must be balanced with energy expenditure for activity).

2.J2: Jenis (Type. The type and amount of food intake that must be considered such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits, and vegetables).

3.J3: Jadwal (Schedule. Timeliness of foods).

4.J4: Juru Masak (The cook. An important role in implementing healthy cooking methods).

On this occasion, Chef Billy Kalangi, Sunday catalog guest star, practiced a variety of healthy dishes with healthy cooking methods. All menus were cooked using Sunday products, which support healthy cuisine with healthy cooking methods that can support a healthy lifestyle. “The products presented by Sophie Paris really support us in preparing healthy meals for everyday. Even I would want to have all Sunday products,” said Chef Billy.

During the event, Chef Billy also gave tips about how to cook healthy to support a healthy lifestyle. “Be very attentive in choosing raw materials that contain fat, in the use of salt, sugar, calories, and so forth. Steaming or boiling is the best way to get the maximum nutritional quality of a food,” said this commercial talent and host of various culinary programs in television.

PT. SOPHIE PARIS INDONESIA is a leading fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia since 1995, founded by Bruno Hasson (CEO & Founder Sophie Paris). With the leadership of Bruno Hasson, Sophie Paris Indonesia has received several prestigious awards such as; Indonesia’s Most Favorite Youth Brand (Marketeers Award 2010-2013 ) Top Brand 2010-2014 (Based on the Marketing Magazine Survey), Digital Marketing Award dan Marketing Award 2012 (Based on the Marketing Magazine Survey in 2012),  Marketing Award 2012 Based on the Marketing Magazine Survey in 2012),  Top 250 Indonesia Original Brands (Based on the SWA Magazine Survey in 2012), Word of Mouth Marketing, Most #1 Recommended Brand 2012 Based on the SWA Magazine Survey in 2012 ).

Sophie Paris’s product collection consisting of bags, garment, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, perfume, body care, and slimming products for men and women. Sophie Paris currently has expanded its business in four countries, namely the Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Image: Founder & CEO of Sophie Paris, Bruno Hasson, accompanied by EVP Sales & Marketing, Thibault Menager, and Sunday Vice President, Geoffrey Bagot, discussing the Sunday catalog content. This catalog is published every 30 days, along with catalog of Sophie Paris. [photo by Yudha/CorpcommSPI]