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Pairing up: Couples now seek friends online

Singles get to have all the fun:, eHarmony, Now a new crop of sites is emerging with no singles or swingers allowed!

Motion pictures: Coming to a gallery near you

Is video painting, art that uses moving images, so different from traditional painting on a canvas?

Talking heads: Teens chat via video

Video chatting is as easy as making a phone call. For some teens, it’s the preferred way to communicate, until parents find they're being spied on...

News Flash: USB drives are groovy

How do you get the attention of a busy person? Try a USB flash drive, the latest - and grooviest - marketing tool...

Cyberwar claims Belgian bank victims

Reports that hacking gangs have struck at least three Belgian banks have sent ripples through financial circles...

A shock to the system

To slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease, doctors planted electrodes deep in my brain. Then they turned on the juice...

Gadgets for both genders

Where women's gadgets are concerned, it sometimes feels as though female emancipation never happened...

IPTV & VoD: The Hare & The Tortoise

Complacency in the TV industry and internet connectivity world will lead to gridlock if users' requirements are neglected, Digital TX's MD explains...

Shootout at the local: Big Buck Hunter is a hit

A simulated hunting game is attracting everyone from middle-age women to inner city kids. And you don't have to be into the real thing to get addicted...

Fooled by Facebook: Who's eying your info up?

Never mind the future of Facebook or what you can do with it, why does it exist and where did its $13m in funding come from?


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