WebAccountPlus AG announces worldwide exclusive partnership with ESM Software

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WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG, the Swiss Fintech StartUp of the next decade, announces worldwide exclusive partnership with ESM Software, LLC for Micro and Small Business owners / SMEs up to 50 employees. (Larger companies can also be integrated on the platform on a case-by-case basis). ESM is one of the world’s top leading Software Provider when it comes to Strategy and Performance Management or Cyber Risks.


WebAccountPlus, inventor and pioneer of the ground-breaking digital business advisor and developer and provider of the world’s first ecosystem for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), banks, fiduciaries, insurance companies, accounting firms, and corporate and wealth advisors, is pleased to integrate and offer ESM Software’s flagship application, ESM+STRATEGY, to its clients (fiduciaries, banks, SMEs, insurances).


For the first time ever, small companies will be able to work with their client advisor to create a Balanced Scorecard tailored to their company size and industry. Small businesses will be equipped to track progress, automatically monitor performance and generate alerts, dashboards, and reports empowering them to successfully execute their strategy. Normally, such solutions are reserved exclusively for larger companies due to limited budgets, resource availability, and effort to configure. The creation of a company strategy or the existence of such a strategy is unique in this form for small companies – SMEs – but offers both the customer and the company consultant huge advantages, across product consulting, growth strategies, and succession planning.


Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton are the creators of the Balanced Scorecard concept and founders of ESM. For over 23 years and 1,000+ client implementations in more than 60 countries, ESM+STRATEGY takes organizations step-by-step through both the construction of, and reporting on, Balanced Scorecards and strategy maps so they can achieve breakthrough results. The ESM application can substantially improve the effectiveness of an organization’s strategy management program, helping to:


• Clarify and deploy a business strategy that is “execution ready”
• Focus team members around one strategy to drive alignment
• Acquire the performance measurements and data to make faster and beter decisions
• Create a permanent and robust process for disciplined strategy execution
• Provide a scalable technology solution that can be applied to both small and large companies


“We are very pleased to be able to use the original Balanced Scorecard software from the inventors of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. There are probably few management schools in the world where Drs. Kaplan and Norton’s strategy frameworks are not taught. The fact that we were able to partner with a globally active and renowned company of a novel business model makes us proud” says Roland Staehli, CEO and founder of WebAccountPlus.


“The integration of this strategy tool forms an important component in the 360° view of a company including real-time data – it seamlessly complements our cloud based software suite (Financials, Expense Management, Marketing and Sales Data Evaluations, Analytics, Strategies, HR, Securities and Portfolio Analyzer, Multi-Banking). The Business Banker of the Future will cooperate and directly assist and advise the SME in his Business Strategy – more than that – whenever a target is missed or some other factors have changed the Bank advisor will get a notification and could guide with his economic background the SME in many different ways to still achieve the defined goals.”


According to Kent Smack, CEO of ESM Software, “Our new partnership with WebAccountPlus has the promise to bring the proven Balanced Scorecard framework to thousands of small businesses around the world and uniquely position these organizations with line-of-sight visibility into their strategy execution. Ultimately, ESM as part of the WebAccountPlus platform will give these organizations and their advisors the data and insights to make critical business decisions that drive performance. We are very excited to partner with such proven banking and software experts, and to be working together to open up new market segments around the world in the near future.”


ESM Software, LLC, formerly Palladium Group, Inc. is the global leader in strategy execution software and services. Since ESM’s initial launch in 2000, we have dedicated ourselves to helping organizations understand and manage business strategy. Our suite of software products support Balanced Scorecard, employee performance management, cyber security, risk, compliance, and OKR. For more information, visit www.esmgrp.com.


WebAccountPlus stands for the world’s first digital business advisor and as a provider of a globally scalable ecosystem for SMEs, banks, fiduciaries, insurance companies, trustees and corporate and wealth advisors, among others. WebAccountPlus offers a revolutionary cloud-based collaboration platform and is on a mission to digitize and permanently transform the banking advisory and fiduciary business. The Future of Business Banking has started. Please visit www.webaccountplus.com.