Worldwide Funding Corp looks to OBOR opportunities

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Trade flows between America and China have long been rich and robust – but President Xi Jinping’s continuing one belt, one road initiative is poised to expand this and open up unprecedented opportunities with China, the second-biggest economy, committing to broadened trade, extension of infrastructure and increasing cultural exchange between the two nations.

Investors from either side of the “road” are set to benefit immensely as China eyes massive investments, particularly in the fields of nuclear power and liquefied natural gas.

The initiative is also dubbed the “21st Century Maritime Silk Route Economic Belt” in reference to the ancient trade routes that linked China – whose precious, lustrous fabric led the journeys through a cross-continental network spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Persia and Arabia. It was also recognised as one of the trade routes that helped give rise to the British Empire. Today, one belt, one road is projected to exceed this historical success by boosting trade and investments across 65 countries.

Demonstrating China’s commitment to opening its borders, it will also potentially boost the presence of Chinese companies worldwide, particularly in America, which has been one of the top destinations for outbound direct investments in recent years.

“For Chinese companies, this means pursuing a global strategy to gain a strong foothold in the international market. For international businesses, it is about positioning themselves well such that they can capitalise on China’s continuing growth and development.” says Steve Jackson, CEO of Worldwide Funding Corp.

With a dedicated team, Worldwide Funding Corp enables clients to navigate new markets – whether they are optimising their investments in America or looking to diversify and operate in China – through its wealth advisory and management teams. It leverages the reach of Worldwide Funding Corp, which has presence in more than 100 countries globally.

Worldwide Funding Corp reinforces commitment to China market

Worldwide Funding Corp offers extensive cross-border investment advice and business solutions in nearly all sectors, ranging from asset management to oil and gas. As a part of the Worldwide Funding Corp OBOR initiative, the firm has engaged a team of over 60 multilingual professionals in China to serve local clients.

The team, in particular, helps support investors from China and other parts of Asia who require assistance in identifying opportunities in the market. Over the years, innovation, clean energy, infrastructure and real estate have grown among the most popular industries, which helps clients create a holistic structuring of their assets and investments across borders.

“We take pride in our industry knowledge and understanding,” Steve says. “It is incredibly important for us as a firm to have highly specialised people within the sectors, otherwise it is extremely difficult for a client to successfully invest in a sector and be able to create value in that segment without that kind of expertise.  Worldwide Funding Corp has such an extensive and established network that we are able to reach out to the right resources we need and to bring our team together where we need to – and quickly mobilise people, get the right expertise and the right resource.”

The firm also works with government intermediaries in identifying opportunities in the market and in hosting timely events that discuss issues and concerns that may impact investments in China. It likewise collaborates with local and national government units to provide support to businesses based in China, and serves a diverse clientele that ranges from state-owned enterprises to insurance companies, private companies and private equity funds.

“The opportunity in Asia itself is immense given that the region needs US$770 billion a year in infrastructure. It is important that we stay ready to take advantage of the opportunities that emerge because the pot of gold is for the taking,” Steve says.