HIGH FIVES & FESTIVITY FOR A SPARKLING NEW YEAR: Bar On A Bike mix some festive flavours with Jelly Belly® jelly beans

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Bar on a Bike (www.baronabike.com) the vintage tricycle, which has been up-cycled into a quirky bar, has been mixing up a festive treat to compliment their interesting partnership with Jelly Belly UK (www.jellybelly-uk.com )  and provide some unforgettable flavour sensations for everyone this festive season.  By matching one  – or sometimes two – of the 130 different Jelly Belly® jelly bean flavours with their mixologist flair, Bar on a Bike are creating taste sensations wherever they go.

Be you a gastronomist, a party planner, an experienced bar tender or simply just assigned the role of bringing something unique and flavoursome to a celebration near you, the team at Bar on a Bike are proud to bring you the High Fives Tipple and Festivity in a Glass. Perfect for New Year celebrations.

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The High Fives Tipple (because it combines 5 delicious ingredients) combines fresh fruity aromas with crisp, elegant Frexinet Vintage Brut to create a delightful sparkling cocktail packed with flavour. Paired with Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans, this flavour sensation shifts from divine to something quite sublime!
The High Fives Tipple Recipe:Fill a champagne flute with a little ice and pour in 25ml vanilla syrup,25ml Chambourd & 50ml of fresh cranberry juiceTop up with Frexinet Vintage Brutand serve withToasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly® jelly beans




:Cocktails 9 copy.jpgSimplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Festivity in a Glassis no   exception to   his ruleCrabbie’s Ginger Mulled Wine brings notes of ginger, spice and citrus fruits to the table and when paired with Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Pudding Jelly Belly® jelly beans – this little beauty of a festive drink packs a delectable punch that you’ll be hard  pressed to beat. Enjoy warm or just as it comes.

Tony Alfano of Jelly Belly UK comments, “Flavour and flavour combining is at the centre – you could say the heart – of Jelly Belly® jelly beans.   As this is also absolutely the case for    Bar on a Bike, we’re delighted to be joining forces with them and so extend the great flavour adventure this festive season!”



Jelly Belly UK: Full of true-to-life flavour, and each packed with an intensely juicy taste from their brightly coloured shells to their luxurious centres, the 100 + flavours of Jelly Belly make them Britain’s favourite gourmet jelly bean by a mile.  Jelly Belly jelly beans the original gourmet jelly bean® are made from the finest ingredients and each one can take up to 21 days to create. Extraordinary but true! The authenticity of the different flavours can be combined to create an almost infinite number of taste experiences. Follow the flavour adventure on www.jellybelly-uk.com

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Bar on a Bike: Bar on a Bike is a vintage tricycle, which has been up-cycled into a quirky bar. The vision behind the brand is to bring an explosion of flavours to food and drink lovers across the UK, through carefully combining cocktails with Jelly Belly® jelly beans. The project was founded by husband and wife team, Simon and Pamela Badham, who have created a partnership with Jelly Belly UK in their quest to take every customer to the bar on a great flavour adventure. Bar on a Bike will be attending various UK food and drink festivals in 2015.  It is available for private hire throughout the UK and is perfectly suited to parties, corporate events and weddings.  

Read all about Bar on a Bike at www.baronabike.com 

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