Jelly Belly jelly beans: The ultimate foodie choice this Christmas

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Jelly Belly® jelly beans are in a league of their own. Developed for the sophisticated palate, the original gourmet jelly bean® is packed with an intensely juicy authentic taste, from its brightly coloured shells right through to its centre.


Using a time honoured method and the unique Jelly Belly know-how; a single jelly bean can take up to 21 days to create.   The 100 plus true to life flavours use natural ingredients wherever possible and can be combined to create an almost infinite number of taste experiences.   Traditional flavours like Green Apple and Very Cherry have endured since 1976 – ever since Jelly Belly was first conceived and created – but this year the big favourites are as likely to be Green Tea and Chilli Mango as Peach and Plum.

There is no sugar confectionery that does flavour quite like Jelly Belly and the brand retains a special place in the taste buds of those who love flavour and flavour exploration.  For the foodie in your life – Jelly Belly jelly beans make the perfect Christmas gift. 

The 50 “official flavours” can be purchased individually but the full range is presented in the luxurious 50 Flavour Gift Box at £23.85.  This is a fabulous gift as is the ever popular Jelly Belly bean machine (£24.38).    The machine comes with a 100g bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  The 40 Flavour Gift Box (£16.18) is wrapped in a beautifully festive Christmas sleeve this year as are the 20 Flavour Gift Box (£9.63) and the 10 Flavour Gift Box (£5.68)

All Jelly Belly beans are free from fat, wheat, gluten, dairy and gelatine-free.  Each bean contains just 4 calories each they are suitable for vegetarians and certified OU Kosher.  Jelly Belly jelly beans  can be purchased at Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco, WH Smith,  Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, Fenwicks and all the best independent sweet shops.

Telephone 0800 018 4416 for nearest stockist.   

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