Shréis Scalene awarded Federal QTDP grant to advance use of the CYTOTRON

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The CYTOTRON is a Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance device to treat cancer and improve drug targeting and delivery…

Shréis Scalene Sciences LLC, an Organization de Scalene member company, today announced that it has been awarded a cash grant of about a quarter million USD, under the U.S. Government’s Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project (“QTDP”) program, for 2010.

According to May 21st, 2010 Department of Treasury/Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project program targets therapeutic discovery projects that show reasonable potential to significantly advance the goal of curing cancer within 30 years, reduce the long-term growth of health care costs in the United States, result in new therapies to treat areas of unmet medical need or prevent, detect or treat chronic or acute diseases and conditions, show potential to create and sustain high-quality, high-paying U.S. jobs and advance U.S. competitiveness in life, biological and medical sciences.

Commenting on the award, Prof. Meena Augustus, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer for Shréis Scalene Sciences (North & South America, Mexico & Caribbean operations) said that this grant provided long awaited validation and acceptance from key opinion leaders and the medical fraternity in the field of Oncology and Orthopedics (and several other disease indications), since the incorporation of the company in 2007.

In the challenging current economic landscape, being able to join the US Government in its nationwide initiative to bring affordable health care to its citizens and to reduce death and suffering from life threatening and debilitating diseases, such as cancer, is a “vision becoming a reality”.

The grant has been awarded to Shréis Scalene Sciences LLC (USA) to use “the CYTOTRON, as a stand-alone device utilizing Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) to treat cancer and improve drug targeting and delivery through nano-permeabilization”.

The CYTOTRON is a novel, patented therapeutic device, invented by Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar and his team at the Scalene Centre for Advanced Research and Development (S-CARD), the R&D wing of Scalene Cybernetics Limited, an Indian Technology company. Clinical trials for OA and Cancer have been successfully completed at CARD campus in Bangalore. The device is now poised for entry into North & South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, following US-FDA & Health Canada mandated clinical trials. Shréis Scalene Sciences LLC, USA (SSS) has a license from Indian technology partner and inventor.

“This news is very exciting and encouraging to me and my team at Bangalore. Our US counterpart has done a great job and we will fully support them to see that we contribute to the betterment of cancer patients in North and South America”, said Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar.

The device uses Rotational Field Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) to deliver highly complex quantum (packet switched) beams in radiofrequency (RF) bands and harmonics ranging up to 300MHz in the presence of high instantaneous magnetic fields between 1mT to 6T, with specialized near field parabolic antennae.

Despite the wide array of prevailing therapies covering the entire range of the EM spectrum – from minimally invasive (thermal) RF ablation to complex ionizing radiation/prohibitive proton beam therapies – there is no stand alone, whole body, multi-organ suitable therapeutic device on the market today.

The CYTOTRON uniquely combines RF with instantaneous NMR, to safely yet effectively perform in vivo multi organ tissue engineering, with minimal/no collateral damage. A clinical trial was also registered with (NCT01220830) using the CYTOTRON to treat Multiple Sclerosis. The trial is ongoing at the S-CARD campus in Bangalore.

An international patent application filed by the inventor Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, for the use of a Cytotron application called Focused Resonance Nano-permeabilization (FORN) has been recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Evidence exists that FORN can be combined with chemotherapy, using it as a “drug focusing and delivery tool” to non-invasively target intractable, impervious lesions, helping to reduce systemic toxicities and improve therapeutic windows.

Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia (PA) has issued a letter of intent to conduct a clinical trial using the Cytotron in brain cancer. Early interest was received from the Center for Prostate Disease Research-WRAMC for the use of the Cytotron to treat prostate cancer. SSS executives are confident that the award of the prestigious QTDP grant will open up more doors to make the device and the treatment available in multiple medical institutions nationwide.

Shréis Scalene Sciences (Canada) Inc. has arranged with Discovery Health Solutions Foundation (DHSF) – a British.Columbia (Canada) Foundation committed to the development of research projects for the more effective treatment of disease – to conduct clinical trials to confirm the safety and efficacy of the CYTOTRON for use in cancer treatment. Upon receiving the necessary Canadian authorizations, Shreis and DHSF plan to move immediately to the exploitation and commercialization of the CYTOTRON technology in Canada.

Shréis Scalene Sciences LLC (USA), incorporated in Delaware (USA) and Shréis Scalene Sciences (Canada) Inc., incorporated in Montreal, is a privately owned clinical stage medical device company, offering validated non-invasive engineering, diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for human problems.

The therapeutic device in its portfolio, the CYTOTRON®, that delivers non-ionizing, rotational field quantum magnetic resonance (RFQMR) in the safe end of the electromagnetic spectrum is also being used to treat degenerative (single and multi-organ) diseases like osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, multi-organ wound healing at S-CARD, Bangalore, India.

A sister company, Shréis Cardiotech, has a CE certified, non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic device called the “Haemoseis 256”, also invented by technology partner, Dr. Rajaj Vijay Kumar at S-CARD, Bangalore, India, which has been approved by the US-FDA for research use in the US. A roadmap to conduct clinical trials has also been provided by the FDA.

Together, Shréis-USA/Canada and Scalene-India strive to bring affordable and sustainable health care to countless ailing patients worldwide, with an integrative approach to health and medicine. Their long-term association and technology partnership is instrumental in realizing this lofty mission. “Together Everyone Achieves More”.