New qualifying rules for F1 in 2006

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Formula One will see a complete change to qualifying in 2006 after a new system is reportedly agreed upon…

 After years of complaints from fans and teams about the current qualifying set-up being boring, it looks like the FIA might revamp it for next year to make the show more interesting.

The new system will reportedly involve four 15 minute sessions, with cars required to set a time in each.

At the end of every session the slowest five cars will be removed meaning at the end of the hour there will be five cars left in a shoot-out for pole.

 The idea was suggested in a survey conducted by the website and UK television network ITV when fans were asked to vote which they would prefer, a shoot-out or a system similar to the current one lap set-up.

The shoot-out won in both the online and television vote and it now looks likely to be implemented next year.

David Coulthard, however, has already voiced his disagreement with it.

"I don’t agree with that," he said. "I’m surprised Jordan and Minardi are agreeing to it – they’ll be the first ones out and will get no TV coverage."

The new system will inevitably mean less coverage for the slower teams therefore less sponsorship money, but the move has been made as part of an overall revamp of the sport to attempt to make it more interesting for the fans after part of a recent survey by the FIA showed that 70 per cent of fans wanted a return to multi-lap qualifying.

Nothing has been confirmed by the FIA yet, however it is expected the new system will take effect as of Australia 2006.