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This is a news story event happened in Madurai atemple town of south of tamilnadu,india.

The beauty queen Cliopatras beauty was, it is said due to the daily bath she had taken in donkeys milk mixed with powdered pearls was the known secret. Now this donkey milk is becoming popular among the people odf Madurai, the temple town of tamil nadu where the world famous Meenakshi Amman temple is located. But the people of madurai are not using for takinf bath as Cleopatra . But it is worth mentioning here that Indian mothers use to give atleast 5 ml of donkeys milk to born babies to ease out the voice of the infant ones.The doctorsd are right persons to comment on thios whether the desired wish is achieved or not.

Five brothers who are nomads who spend nights in open air while tethering their donkeys to the nearest available trees. They said selling donkey milk is a family tradition business for them.

They said donkey milk has excellent healing properties. If 10 ml of donkeys milk is consumed thrice a day for few days it will lead to live a disease free life particularly skin diseases.They also recommend the donkeys milk is an excellent remeady for jaundice ,psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders. Donkeyy milk as beauty aid.

These five brothers own 21 donkeys. They sell 10 ml of milk for rs 20 in indian currency.They earn about Rs. 200 to 400 per dayand that threy save about rs50 a day.

In Madurai Cleopatras may come again it seems.

We have to agree history repeats again. Thanks to donkeys milk.

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