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Beauty is found when it gives pleasure to be seen. This is one of many definitions for this desirable condition. Beauty expert, Dr Mathias Koester, knows this very well. He is the pioneer for highly sought-after beauty lectures.


With his extensive knowledge and many years of experience, he knows exactly what he is talking about when he shares about  beauty — in general and that of each individual in particular — with his audience. For more than six years, he has been reporting on the wonderful possibilities and mastering of unique techniques for optimising beauty. He operates internationally, moves in all circles and is a highly respected person for whom only perfection counts as good enough. 


Secrets of lifelong, inner beauty and health


Imagine what it would be like. To have an even, radiant face, truly feminine beauty, and gorgeous hair, soft and silky to the touch. You have never been more beautiful; you have never been so stunning to your counterpart! Dr Koester conveys the alluring possibilities to his, mostly female, listeners. It is about women with an appreciation for a healthy and a demanding lifestyle. Women who want to become a masterpiece of remarkable beauty. And about women who want to banish dissatisfaction forever. Women who want to be the royalty of the beauty scene.


Welcome to a particularly perfect world of beauty


“With the worldwide knowledge of all things related to the science of beauty, I invite you on a royal journey.” Dr Koester has set himself the goal of offering only high-quality and effective beauty secrets. He has collected them from all over the world and can thus draw on comprehensive information and experience. Combined with his inventive and highly creative spirit, he finds the right solution for customers everywhere.


His achievements include: 


– Preventing and stopping cell aging

– Maintaining skin cell health

– Secrets of space medicine

– Prevention of skin problems before they even occur 

– Beauty secrets for skin, hair, and general health

– Creative and unique treatment methods for naturally radiant skin

– Initiating a new era of skin health

– Highly effective collagen-enhancing technique


Advisor to princesses and personalities


Dr Koester is known for his integrity worldwide. He has advised many famous personalities, princesses, businesswomen and celebrities in cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow, and New York. Thanks to his outstanding knowledge and experience in the perfection of beauty and health, he is considered the most outstanding beauty expert and advisor today. Contributing significantly to this is the fact that Dr Koester truly appreciates his customers’ individuality. “Some customers have even become close personal friends,” he states frankly.


This assessment is underlined by Dr Koester’s customers, as can be seen in an excerpt:


»An outstanding lecture with a brilliant speaker. It is worth participating« — Princess C., Hong Kong

»Perfect knowledge for beauty lecture VIPs. A masterpiece« — Fatma W., Beauty Expert, Riyadh

»I have never heard such an informative speech in my life before! You can only win if you get it« — Ayako K., Businesswoman, Osaka

»It was above my expectations. I would do it again. If you want to feel like a star, you have to select Dr M Koester« — Feodora L., Diamond Dealer, Moscow

»I was positively surprised by such a fantastic event, absolutely splendid. Truly unique« — Olivia T., Stockbroker, New York




Lecture:   Timeless beauty — The Pinnacle of  Ageless Beauty


Booking Link:   will be published through Telegram and Instagram 


Location:  Dolder Grand hotel, Zurich, Switzerland, english language 


Duration: Approx.  3 hours 


Price:      Euro 15,000


Time/Date: To be published later, after participants show their serious interest in subscribing to telegram/Instagram channel for free. Please only subscribe, if you want to



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Telegram Link: – Ageless beauty 

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