The Luxury Report releases its Summer 2021 edition

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Though travel might not be wholly possible, and the weather may be unpredictable, readers are always guaranteed that the leading luxury magazine will provide exploration into the most beautiful destinations and most sought-after products and services.




Kelleher International take the leading role in this edition, with an exclusive insight into the launch of the new KI Social Club via an interview with CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews. The Cayman Islands, Dominica and Botswana are some of the destinations explored in the summer edition, as the magazine showcases some of the best resorts and real estate in the world.


There are unique experiences to be had in Portugal, with Mario Vidal offering an tours that combine the adventurousness of surfing with the exquisite wines available in the breathtaking locality. 


For those looking for the perfect fragrance, we explore the new eau de parfum from experts Creed. A new and daring aroma that encapsulates the spirit of exploration. 


The magazine is available via subscription on The Luxury Report’s website, and is also available via Readly: