CEO of GLOW Weight Loss Systems, Inc. joins Jeff Bezos Effort to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles and facilitate access to Covid-19 Vaccination

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“It’s time to get a clear message out about how to find COVID-19 vaccination sites. My goal is to get life-saving information into people’s hands immediately.” – Pabst, CEO GLOW WLS.


“The ultimate goal is to make the human population resistant to the deadly virus and enable people to get on with their lives.” Pabst added that “immunization will provide enormous social, psychological and economic benefits to people everywhere. We will be able to put COVID-19 behind us.”  The organization is also monitoring major health care concerns including obesity and cancer.   


Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington recently interviewed CEO Tommi Pabst where they discussed her ground-breaking approach to Body Optimization.  Following in the footsteps of Jeff Bezos, Pabst believes health is our greatest valuable asset.


Interview can be found on “Getting Down to Business With Kevin Harrington” Season 3


  “Get Down To Business With Kevin Harrington and Tommi Pabst – Glow The One That Works on Vimeo”    


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