The importance of the lottery schedule in people’s weekly routines

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For many, the lottery has always been part and parcel of weekly life. It’s a chance to dream big and, for a few moments, forget about the drudgery of daily life and revel in the prospect of winning some extra cash, or even a life changing sum.

But the way we play these games has changed dramatically, with the lottery now available to play online as well. The days of moseying on down to the corner shop to buy your tickets, and gathering in front of the television later that evening are being consigned to the past, with the Irish lottery now available to bet on with Paddy Power, requiring just a few clicks on your laptop or a few taps on your phone screen.

The idea is very simple. You pick your numbers and hope that those numbers are the ones drawn in the official Irish lottery. With Paddy Power, the choice is yours as to how much you want to bet, or how many numbers you want to play. If you pick one number, the odds will stand at 6/1, and this goes up incrementally, with five correct numbers being priced at a whopping 130,000/1.

Of course, playing the Irish lottery online with Paddy Power does not mean you lose that sense of build-up and excitement towards a specific time of the week. The online lottery schedule works in the same way as any other, utilising the official times that the draws take place. In the case of the Irish lotto, there are three separate draws at 7:45pm on Wednesday, and another three on Saturday nights.

This means that the lottery still retains that place in your weekly routine – Wednesday and Saturday night being lottery night. It means you’re not scurrying around to find out when the next draw is, as once you know and get used to the schedule, all your other weekly activities and commitments can fall nicely into place around it.

The middle of the week is perhaps the best time to play the lottery, after all. Many refer to Wednesday as ‘hump day’, meaning that once you get over that midweek hump the weekend is within touching distance. When you add the extra excitement of potentially winning some cash to the equation, Wednesdays can become one of the days you look forward to most, rather than a long slog.

For many, Saturday night is the traditional time to play the Irish lottery, as there’s no better feeling than seeing a couple of your chosen numbers come up as the icing on the cake as far as your weekend is concerned. Playing the lottery only adds to the excitement of the weekend, and there’s nothing like settling down for a night in front of the telly and finding out that you’re a winner.

The schedule of the lottery is an important part of so many people’s lives, and will continue to be for many years to come. As with all forms of online gambling, the landscape of how we participate is always evolving, and now Paddy Power have given us a new way to take part in the lottery, which is guaranteed to rekindle your excitement when it comes to picking your lucky numbers.