Mini Muslims Brand Creates Unique Tech-Based Smart Rocking Quran Cot

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Mini Muslims is an e-commerce online store which was developed by a Preston based family in the UK. The family had problems with their baby. The issues stemmed around the sleeping patterns of the young child. Their baby had difficulties sleeping at night for months on end which also made it difficult for the parents to get any rest due to sleepless nights.

These problems continued for many months. That’s when the parents came up with a solution to help their children sleep at night. This came in the shape of a cot which could play Islamic lullabies, sounds & The Qur’an. The family have now gone on to further build their idea and created a new version to help with the challenges parents face with early year children such as sleep.  

A self-rocking cot is an innovative invention that aspires to answer parent’s prayers, brought to the marketplace via Mini Muslims. The bassinet uses microphones that sense when a baby is crying or fidgeting instead of sleeping. It then automatically plays white noise, and starts to rock the baby back to sleep. After placing your baby in a fixed swaddle, the rocking starts as soon as they’re put into the cot.

The sensation starts up again when the child wakes during the night, meaning the parent doesn’t necessarily need to be disrupted during the night. The white noise in this case is not music rather it’s verses from the Holy Qur’an which are soothing and pleasurable to listen to.

The innovative tech smart Qur’an cot comes with a remote control, and hours of soothing Quran recitation, Islamic lullabies & nasheeds. The smart Qur’an cot is the perfect addition to your baby’s nursery to entertain, comfort, and soothe your baby off to sleep.

Babies can hear recorded audio and a melodious recitation of the Quran, featuring Surahs such as: Surah Rahman, Surah Yaseen, The last two ayahs of Surah Al Baqarah, Surah Nas, Surah Falaq, Surah Ikhlas, Ayatul Kursi & beautiful lullabies

The remote control aspect allows you to control the smart cot and the audios including volume control, so there is minimal disturbance to babies. The tech is in built with Quran, Nasheeds & Islamic lullabies. A unique element of the cot is that it can be connected & controlled with a smart mobile phone convenient for particularly if babies wake up in the middle of the night, they can be rocked back to sleep generally within minutes. It’s controlled via an app & a remote, can play Quran & Nasheeds via Bluetooth through the Mini Muslims app.

Rocking speed can be adjusted and volume through the app. It’s all part of the Mini Muslims brand. It’s a sound new parents know all too well: The middle-of-the-night wailing of an unsettled baby who needs to be cradled, rocked, cooed and lulled back to sleep for, they hope, a few more hours. For the fussiest babies, it is a ritual that can happen multiple times per night.

Soothe your baby to sleep with the smart Qur’an cot & never worry about getting them extra hours of sleep.

Entrepreneurship and business creation has increased amongst Muslim communities living within the UK. There is a trend of emerging Mompreneurs, who have families and may want to continue working from home. Younger millennial Muslims have also started to create their own solutions for the problems they face through entrepreneurial innovation and start-ups.

The lullabies and audio are available in English and Arabic which is great for understanding the audio content.  It has other features which can be used for issues such as bed wetting & temperature. To see the Smart Qur’an Cot in action visit this brief youtube video: Click Here

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