Green Motion San Diego celebrates their success

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At the Green Motion International Franchise Network awards held in early November, which are designed to mark the successes and triumphs of Green Motion’s franchise network, Green Motion’s San Diego franchise enjoyed tremendous success by taking home six awards.

1The awards were:

Green Motion Reviews Champion (silver)
RPD Champion (bronze)
Utilisation Champion (winner)
Excellence in Location Customer Service (winner)
Rentalcars Review Champion (runner-up)
The Green Motion Champion Award (winner) – Xavier Ortiz-Mena

The platinum Green Motion ‘Champion Award’ went to the owner of Green Motion’s Master State Franchise for California, Xavier Ortiz-Mena, to mark his dedication to the Green Motion brand and his unprecedented success in supporting the company’s green ethos.

Richard Lowden, Green Motion’s Founder and CEO said, “I was really pleased Green Motion San Diego achieved so many accolades for their dedication and commitment in making their Green Motion franchise successful.”

Richard also went on to say, “I am equally as pleased that Xavier received our platinum Champion Award as he went above and beyond in support of our brand.”