Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Announce North American Seminar Tour to ‘Make Options Trading Great Again!’

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The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management have announced a multiple date tour of North American cities in September of 2017. The tour will pass through four major metropolitan areas and aims to Make Options Trading Great Again for Retail Traders in North America.

In September 2017, Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil will be accompanied by Senior Trading Mentors Raj Malhotra, Ben Bergreen and David Perlin on a four-date seminar tour of North America. Quant Analyst Christopher Quill will also join. The tour called “Make Options Trading Great Again” will pass through Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto and New York in the fall of this year.

Trading Options and knowing how to trade them properly is extremely important for Retail Traders. This is because through Trading Options, Retail Traders get implied leverage to their Trade Ideas. However, 75 per cent of Retail-listed Options Traders lose money. According to the Institute (, this is due to simple reasons that are actually easily fixable with the right coaching.

Reason 1 – A lack of education in knowing how to generate high quality trade ideas;
Reason 2 – A mismatch between Trade Idea Thesis and Trade Structure;
Reason 3 – U.S. Equities Markets trading on all-time highs with Volatility trading at all-time lows.

With the knowledge that Institute Mentors have in this field, the North American Seminar Tour; Make Options Trading Great Again is set to deliver a high level of educational content.

Anton Kreil is an ex-Goldman Sachs Trader, Raj Malhotra used to run the Options Trading Desks at both Bank of America and Nomura Bank, Ben Berggreen has been trading Futures and Options Professionally for over 20  years, David Perlin used to run the International Trading and Sales desks at Goldman Sachs out of New York and managed his own Hedge Fund Keel Capital; and Christopher Quill used to be an analyst at the Number One returning Japanese Equity fund of the last 25 years at Ruffer Asset Management in London.

All Retail Traders of different backgrounds can sign up for the tour which starts in Los Angeles on September 12th and ends in New York on September 23rd with a half day “New York Mini Conference.”

September 12th – Los Angeles – Make Options Trading Great Again – REGISTER HERE 
September 14th – Dallas – Make Options Trading Great Again – 
September 21st – Toronto – Make Options Trading Great Again – 
September 23th – New York – NYC Mini Conference – 

Commenting on today’s announcement Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil made the following comment: “For too long now the Professional Trading world have sat back and watched so many horrible things happen to Retail Options Traders in the U.S. and Canada. It’s really not their fault that most of them lose money. They just haven’t been shown how to do it properly and naturally Retail Traders are always short on time, so it’s difficult for them to do consistently well. We’re coming to the U.S. and Canada with a lot of Professional Trading knowledge, experience and resources. We will pass this on to everyone who attends. We can’t wait to get on the road and meet everyone.”

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