SH Group: Customer Oriented Multinational Insurance Broker

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SH Group is a unique global international insurance broker in China with a number of offices in the world and their main business is to conduct insurance brokering and risk management to help customers identify new possibilities in their current situation. 

With more than 25 specialists capable of risk and general insurance, they are more than able to provide superior professional services to all its customers in mainland China.

With outstanding past performances in the international insurance brokering industry, they have been hailed as the insurance industry brokerage leader and textbook study for many other insurance brokers.

Recently they have been given very good feedback and reviews from current customers in China.

The tremendous good feedback has given them the encouragement it needed for this new venture into China insurance brokerage and they will see that the general direction and culture of this company is correct and in tune with the needs of China.

Mainland China’s insurance brokerage business has always been very competitive.

SH Group with its international experience in insurance brokerage and service oriented company culture will definitely be able to outshine its competitor in the near future and make a foot print in the history of Chinese insurance industry.