Asiagate offers one-stop shop for Asian business intelligence

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A dozen national credit information agencies across Asia have combined to provide the single most powerful due diligence and business research service in the region.

Asiagate’s collective offering of company financial information and credit investigation reports provides a searchable database of nearly 13 million business records, from China to Vietnam.

Other countries covered include Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Asiagate Chairman, Ben Wong of Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong, says: “Globalisation and emerging economies in Asia generate more and more business opportunities every year, but the risks of doing business there are also on the rise, therefore we are providing the ultimate resource for every firm that wants to manage those risks and operate successfully there”.

Asiagate Business Development Manager, Adrian Ashurst of Worldbox, says: “The best credit reporting agencies have the widest experience and extensive local knowledge of the business landscape in their respective countries, and members of Asiagate are hand-picked for being leaders in their respective fields.”

The business intelligence powerhouse carefully selects members prior to inclusion, based on their size, establishment, integrity and reputation within the business information and investigations industry. It is adding new members constantly, to provide cover in countries it does not yet have representation within, and operates a strict ‘one-country, one-member’ system to eliminate cross-over.

Prerequisites for new members include having a comprehensive database of company records for their respective countries, as well as the manpower and resources necessary for constant updates, to ensure the highest level of accuracy demanded by customers who need information quickly when doing due diligence on a potential supplier or customer.

Asiagate’s online company search function provides combined access to all member databases, allowing users to download business information, financial records and market intelligence in a single unified format, even if it is derived from multiple sources.

At the same time, it is providing a single marketplace for previously unconnected credit management services across Asia to reach a wider international customer base, previously dominated by large incumbent firms in the US and Europe who offered few researchers on the ground, within the territories they were offering information about.

A sample Asiagate business credit report can be viewed, here.

The number of company records offered, by region, and member, is:


Information Provider

Business Records


China Credit Information Service and

Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong



WBox Information Management



PT Indodata Global Semesta



Basis Corporation


New Zealand

ICMS Credit Systems



CIBI Information



Basis Corporation


South Korea

NICE Information Service Co.



China Credit Information Service



International Research Associates (INRA)



Vietnam Credit Info & Rating Company





Asiagate Credit Information Limited is based in Hong Kong and provides online access to corporate credit information across Asia. It is presently integrating its service with some of the top global credit information networks to create the largest credit information network in the world.