Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management launches “The Trader Meeting”

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Private Investors and Independent Traders can now get an update about what’s happening in the global markets by watching a free, “fly on the wall” online programme called “The Trader Meeting.”

“The Trader Meeting” online video’s have today been launched by the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and include a fortnightly update on global macroeconomics in the United States Europe and Asia, Major and Emerging Market Indices around the world, a global Equities round-up covering Cyclicals and Defensive investments, foreign exchange markets, corporate and sovereign debt markets, commodities markets and a trading and position summary.

The Trading Meeting in session

The Trader Meeting is the creation of former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil. Mr Kreil now runs the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. In February, he decided that the Institute needed to provide a way in which independent traders could obtain an edge in the markets over professional traders and other independent traders.

Anton Kreil

“It became really obvious to me that if I managed to find a group of talented traders and we all put our heads together; we would regularly come up with high quality trade ideas, take positions independently on those ideas and make more money than other traders in the market. So far it has worked incredibly well. We decided to start filming the meeting and uploading it online. This way independent trader’s globally can take our updates and ideas to generate their own returns”.

At the meeting up to twelve independent traders give updates and talk about their current positions in their fields of expertise. Kreil chairs the meeting and holds things together. The traders that attend are all real people who trade with their own money. Some of them have full time day jobs and others have been so successful at trading and investing they have actually managed to retire off it.

Regular attendees to The Trader Meeting include Sumesh Kumar (Economist), Kwan Yuen Iu (Economist), Keith Mcintosh (Pension Fund), Matthew Lambe (IFA), Anton Kreil (Professional Trader), Jon Brierley (Retired Investor), Scott Stancliffe (IFA), Peter Lamberti (Independent Trader), Andrew Banks (Farmer/Commodities Trader) and “Trader X” (Investment Bank).

Anton Kreil runs the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management offering world class trading and investment resources to its members. “The Trader Meeting” identifies major trading and investment opportunities that are occurring in Equities, Currencies, Commodities and Debt markets globally.

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management also offer world class trading education to their members run directly by CEO Anton Kreil. Mr Kreil studied Economics at The University of Manchester, before working at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, trading Equities, Currencies, Commodities, Rates, CFD, ETF, ETC, Spread Bet, Futures. The Institute holds regular seminars for both professional and independent traders in London, and internationally. The latest seminars are listed, here:

The Trader Meeting is published at on a fortnightly basis.