Sonetel launches a free, global phone system service

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Companies around the world, looking for a scalable, free PBX service – that can be connected to any phone company – have been looking in vain. Until now.

Swedish Sonetel with development centers in India and data centers in California and Amsterdam recently made their worldwide phone system service available after more than 130 man years of development work. In a short time they attracted thousands of companies from over 100 countries.

“We designed the service to be truly global” says Henrik Thomé, the CEO and serial entrepreneur behind Sonetel. “Seeing 80% of our customers coming from Asia or Africa tells us that we are on the right track.”

Each company can connect an unlimited amount of users and extensions for free, and make and receive calls with either Sonetel’s free Windows softphone or free third party softphones for Iphone, Android or desktop phones etc.

All calls through the phone system are free – including calls to and from other IP-based phone services. Other free functions include chat, call recording and presence. The phone system is activated instantly when you sign up and you get a free phone number to play with.

Sonetel’s revenue come from customers that choose to use Sonetel’s add on services. Currently these include phone numbers and cheap calls to mobile phones and landlines worldwide.

“Our aim is to attract millions of users over time.” says Henrik Thomé “The absolute majority of them will only use our free service. To succeed, our free service must be very easy-to-use, reliable, and deliver all the functionality a small company needs”

An auto attendant will be added soon – at zero dollars per month – and many other free functions are in the works.

Service reliability is enabled by the high security data centers in the US and Europe that work as backups for each other.

Sonetel provides a free, global phone system to small and medium size companies worldwide from operation centers in Europe, USA and Asia.

Sonetel is privately held, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The CEO Henrik Thomé is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience from the Telecom/Internet business.