PortalSoft Releases Multi-User SaaS Legal Practice Management Offering at Ground-Breaking Price

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PortalSoft, a leader in legal practice management solutions, is defining a new price point for legal practice management software with the release of version 5 of Portal4Law, which is delivered as a service.

The multi-user release incorporates robust and sophisticated functionality normally affordable only for large law firms, while the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model frees customers from the cost and upkeep associated with a traditional hardware-software solution. Pricing for the service starts at as low as $36.66 per month per user.

“Until now, cost has prohibited many law firms from taking advantage of the benefits of practice management options that were completely out their price range,” said Ajit Dandapani, chairman, CEO, and president of PortalSoft. “With the Portal4Law service, we can help law firms manage all that matters at a price that they can truly afford. We have defined a new price/performance standard that addresses the reality of legal practice today.”

Portal4Law delivers a feature rich solution to attorneys, legal departments, paralegals, and experts. The all-in-one, all-practice management solution allows users to manage clients and their matters, store and search through mountains of documents and emails related to them, schedule necessary appointments and tasks, share data securely among inside and outside users, and invoice for work done.

Portal4Law helps law firms balance the needs to be efficient and profitable with the desire to be responsive to the demands of their clients and the courts. The service combines the proven capabilities of its traditional software with a SaaS delivery model to ensure that the solution remains affordable for single users but which can readily scale to serve a firm with hundreds.


High-Performance e-Discovery.

Portal4Law automatically indexes all library and matter documents. Users can locate desired documents using any combination of built-in filters, user-specified tags and search strings. It supports powerful Boolean logic and fuzzy matching, to ensure that users can respond quickly to unexpected requests for data.

High-Capacity Document Management.

The service quickly uploads and classifies thousand of documents. Each individual user may use up to 10 GB of storage space for a document repository. Authorized personnel can share, review and produce documents, while versioning ensures that current and previous documents are safely stored.

Multiple-Fee-Arrangement Invoicing.

The solution supports multiple, concurrent fee arrangements (time and expense slips, fixed-fee, retainers, advance deposits, etc.). It rolls up all fees, including those generated from selected calendar appointments and completed tasks, into invoices, which may be emailed to clients after approval. Client payments are tallied against per-matter budgets.

Secure, Real-Time Collaboration.

Administrators can choose to implement sophisticated permissions at both group and user levels to safeguard attorney-client privilege by limiting what users can see or do. One user’s changes are nearly instantaneously visible to other online authorized users for easy collaboration between authorized users. The service is designed to streamline learning and ensure that firms can get up and running quickly. A Quick Reference, Tooltips, as well as help screens, provide intuitively easy training.

PortalSoft is offering a 30-day free trial option which transitions into $39.99 per user per month. Users may also transition into a discounted annual pricing option of 12 months for the price of 11 ($36.66 per month per user). Users will have the option to renew at annual subscription prices.

PortalSoft, based in Mountain View, Calif., grew from a division of an expert witness research firm. In 2004, founder Ajit Dandapani began to develop the company’s flagship product, Portal4Law. The software, which is designed specifically to address the sophisticated document storage, versioning, search and retrieval requirements of law firms, manages client, matter, email and contact data, as well as multiple-fee-arrangement invoicing. In 2010, PortalSoft launched Portal4Law™ version 5, its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. The company is dedicated to providing effective and affordable legal practice management solutions that keep pace with the expanding number and complexity of matters that law firms must tackle.

For more information about Portal4Law or PortalSoft, visit www.portal4law.com