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Mobile specialists Eagle Eye Solutions re-sign an exclusive deal with London wine bar operator, Corney & Barrow

11 November 2005, London, UK


Eagle Eye Solutions have re-signed their exclusive deal with London wine bar operator, Corney & Barrow The new contract is for an initial period of 24 months and the deal will involve Corney & Barrow re-branding BuyMeaBeer as their own service.

Using the same technical infrastructure, the scheme will be called Buy Me a Drink and will be available in all 12 Corney & Barrow wine bars. Existing customers of BuyMeaBeer will be seamlessly moved across to the new service and all old valid vouchers will still be redeemable.

Stephen Rothwell, director at Eagle Eye Solutions comments, “By changing the name of the product from BuyMeaBeer to Buy Me a Drink Corney & Barrow are building their own brand, with the full support of their marketing team. This is excellent news for Eagle Eye Solutions, as an increase in the awareness of the product can only open new doors for us to move the service into new markets and countries.”

BuyMeaBeer and Buy Me a Drink will be two separate entities based on the same technology. As the BuyMeaBeer brand grows and moves into new territories with new products, Buy Me a Drink will remain a unique Corney & Barrow service for the heart of the London business district.

The re-signing of the contract will see heightened promotional activities by Corney & Barrow and ongoing advances in the functionality of the system. As Corney & Barrow push the service into their key market areas, the system will continue to grow to meet demand and market changes.

Advances in the Buy Me a Drink service will include:

• Corporate Accounts: Corporate companies can have multiple logins under one account, so that they can send vouchers to staff and customers.

• Calendaring: Will allow the user to set dates in advance so they can buy drinks now, but have them sent at a date in the future.

• Reminder Messages: Sending people reminder messages before the voucher expires to make sure that they do not forget about their drink.

Ed Gardner, marketing director of Corney & Barrow Wine Bars says, “Buy Me a Drink has been a huge success for both Eagle Eye Solutions and Corney & Barrow over the last twelve months. With changing lifestyles seeing increasing use of mobile technologies, we recognise the potential for growth and expansion of such an innovative product. We are excited to be at the forefront of our industry in the use of modern technologies to support what is essentially still a people led business.”

Eagle Eye Solutions were finalists in the ‘Retail / Leisure Sector Technology Project of the Year’ award in the CNET Networks UK Technology Awards 2005 for their BuyMeaBeer product.


—-Notes to editors—-

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the Eagle Eye Solutions team.

The media spokesperson for Eagle Eye Solutions is Stephen Rothwell, director.

About Eagle Eye Solutions

Eagle Eye Solutions, founded in 2004, is a cutting edge digital marketing and technology company that creates and supplies technology solutions packaged with retail marketing applications, providing retail and leisure clients with customer driven, cost efficient and highly effective marketing campaigns and retail solutions. In addition to the BuyMeaBeer mobile voucher redemption system, Eagle Eye Solutions have an extended product portfolio that includes mobile ticketing and loyalty programs.

About BuyMeaBeer

BuyMeaBeer is a unique and involving peer2peer mobile voucher scheme that was developed and launched in September 2004 by Eagle Eye Solutions is an SMS drinks voucher service that allows people to buy family, friends and/or colleagues a beer by sending a gift voucher to their mobile phone using SMS messaging, which can then be redeemed at any Corney & Barrow bar in London.


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