How to get fit and make friends

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As pavements, cycle paths and office stairwells disappear, our health problems are rising. But there’s plenty you can do to stay the right side of the statistics…

Many of them have innumerable benefits for your life.

First things first, pair up with a like-minded friend.

A study at Indiana University in the US discovered when people exercised with friends; they were seven times more likely to stick at working out than those who exercised solo.

"The fact is you’re more likely to turn up for your workout if someone else is waiting for you," explains Mark Clarke from Welwyn-based fitness company, Trainsmart.

Friends also encourage each other to try out new ideas… like a 10-minute daily bounce on a trampoline. It could be just what you need to get fit and healthy.
Lesley Bell, a high performance trampolining coach at Aylestone Leisure Centre in Leicester, says the benefits are enormous.

"Most people can trampoline," says Lesley.

"After a few regular sessions of rebounding you might find yourself able to work longer, sleep better and feel less tense and nervous.

“It can reduce body fat, tone your arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, and hips; increase agility, balance and posture, and has an aerobic effect on the body which strengthens your heart and lungs,” she adds.

Trampolining can also help develop skills valuable in everyday life including spacial awareness, co-ordination, reactions and concentration as well as aiding your digestion and lymphatic system: your body’s internal vacuum cleaner that sucks up metabolic garbage, toxins and excess fluid from your organs.

Eliminating toxins through the skin by sweating them out is one of the keys to a healthy, feel-good lifestyle, experts say.

Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, aerobics, gymnastics, and swimming in non-chlorinated water are all fine examples of exercise that can help to detoxify the body.

Psycho-physical activities – like walking or jogging – will also help you relieve accumulated stress.

Just find out which ones are right for you, team up with a friend and start claiming the abundant benefits!