Everton advance beyond expectations

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Everton’s unexpected start to the season demonstrates the strength of spirit that is currently at the core of the club.

This time last season Everton were languishing in 14th place in the Premier league. The turn around in fortunes of a club tipped for relegation has been nothing short of a miracle.

Resilience and solidarity seem to be the winning combination for a team that has etched out no less than six 1-0 victories.

The magic total of 40 points which would virtually ensure safety is well within Everton’s grasp.

This comes in the wake of the departing of Wayne Rooney, the player whose exit from the club, according to many, signalled the end of Everton’s stay in the top flight.

It appears that such a loss has been the best thing that could have happened to the Merseysiders.

Financial rewards aside, the remaining players have answered their critics in the most resounding fashion.

David Moyes could have only dreamed about the reaction from his squad this season.

The impetus and opportunity for the players to perform has never been greater and they continue to grow with every result.

The sale of Rooney seems to have set the other players free.

It is a heart-warming fairytale in an era that is dominated by ruthless tactics and who has the largest bank balance.

The determination is reflected in both the manager and the playing staff.

Of course, the real dilemma may lie within the decision to bring any new players into the set-up using the money from the sale of England’s brightest young talent.

This is where his departure is a double-edged dagger. Within the team is a point to prove that there is life without Wayne.

What his exit has left behind, the money, presents a delicate decision and David Moyes must decide whether he is prepared to risk upsetting the delicate balance within the team.

A big name player within a team of team-players may engender the repetition of recent history.

Rooney was not responsible for the decline in Everton’s fortunes.

Clearly it could be suggested that his move to Manchester has had a positive influence within Everton one way or another.

Quality may eventually tell and Everton may slide back down the table. But for the moment we can enjoy the spectacle provided by a team who are refusing to submit to the script.

Perhaps they will continue to tear it up with a brand of football that seems to be successful despite popular thought.