Thailand offers tourists ‘the Aids attraction’

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A hospice in Thailand offers morbid sightseers access to its Aids patients – dead and alive – for a fee…

You’d expect to find the dead bodies at the back of the hospital, not in the reception.

With some enthusiasm, my guide for the morning pointed out the mummified corpses of a few recent outpatients.

Brown and shrivelled, the eight adults and three children grimaced, their earthly forms still twisted and corrupted by the disease that had ravaged their bodies in life.

A three-hour train ride from the Thai capital Bangkok, Lopburi is famed for its monkey-populated ancient ruins.

The railway station makes a point of this and is adorned with resplendently kitsch eight-foot-high simian statues.

But Lopburi’s other, more unlikely, tourist attraction is its Aids hospice: the largest of its kind in Thailand.