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What is the best way to learn Chinese?

As China rises on the global business stage, more people want to learn the language. The question is, which version?

Sleeping Beauty: Colonial architecture in Laos

More than 50 years after the French, the tranquil capital Vientiane boasts refurbished colonial buildings, formerly the playgrounds of the elite...

Government strike threatens Fiji

Fiji union leader arrested as mass civil service strike looms..

Beijing break: Seeing in the Lunar New Year

The celebrations on New Year's Eve in the West may now be a memory, but in China they're just beginning...

Vanuatu beef for the organic market

Vanuatu has been producing some of the world's best beef for years, but now it is trying to take a cut of the organic market...



Tokyo gets sexy newsreaders on mobile

Japan's king of satellite TV smut brings news read by presenters in bikinis to mobile phones...

Tokyo gets sexy newsreaders on mobile

Japan's king of satellite TV smut now brings news clips read by anchors in bikinis to mobile phones...

Vegas casino sees Singapore split

The arrival of Las Vegas gambling in squeaky-clean Singapore is causing consternation among its conservative citizens...

Foreigners fear for safety in South Korea

The US embassy warns American citizens to stay away from certain parts of the capital Seoul as a homegrown campaign urges foreigners to leave…


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