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Mash 今天宣布与Verifone (纽约证券交易所:PAY )建立全新的泛欧合作伙伴关系,为欧洲各地的零售商店提供“后付款”解决方案。该服务将为消费者提供一个为其购物进行后付款的方便的๧ 3;择,同时使商家能够在实现即时收款的同时发展其业务。


The developers of a new global test for aspiring doctors, created by the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine, the Medic Portal and the British education group, ASIS, have chosen Hong Kong as the launch-pad for what they believe will be a major contribution to the recruitment of new medics.

BEDAT & CO Geneve enters China market for first time through official, exclusive agent SECOO

BEDAT & CO, the Swiss luxury watch brand and China's largest high-end luxury lifestyle e-commerce site (SECOO) have come to a strategic collaboration for BEDAT & CO products to be formally available at SECOO's e-commerce site for sale in China and this marks SECOO as BEDAT & CO Geneve’s first key partner in the China market. The product prices in China will be harmonized with the European marked price.

SH Group: Customer Oriented Multinational Insurance Broker

SH Group is a unique global international insurance broker in China with a number of offices in the world and their main business is to conduct insurance brokering and risk management to help customers identify new possibilities in their current situation. 

SH Group: Savior for China’s life insurance industry

After reforming and opening up for 20 years, the life insurance industry has gradually become the next new financial industry in China with huge upside potential, but in general China's life insurance industry is still in its infant stage of development.

SH Group: Hong Kong insurance policy increase with little change on insurance premium

The new statistics released by the Hong Kong Institute of Insurance Supervision show that rising health care costs have led to an increase in insurance sales.

Greycon Expands in ASEAN Region

Greycon is expanding their global reach into the ASEAN region by employing more consultants local to their customers. One of the most recent additions to Greycon’s expansion is Indonesia where Greycon has appointed Mario Laksmana as the new Sales Manager for the ASEAN region.

SH Group tapping into “Healthy China 2020”: Open unlimited business opportunities

Li Bin, director of the State Health Services, stated that the grand strategy of “Healthy China 2020” is to focus on personal health, healthcare infrastructures and medical knowledge emphasizing on the peoples’ general healthcare and conditions. The implementation of "Healthy China 2020" strategy will greatly impact the economic and social development of China.

Worldwide Funding Corp Offers Accredited Investors Diversified Exposure to Private Equity with New Silk Road Initiative Fund

Worldwide Funding Corp, a global asset management firm founded in 2007 that has $43 billion in capital commitments across its sponsored-funds and separate accounts, announced the launch of New Silk Road Initiative Fund last week. 

Worldwide Funding Corp looks to OBOR opportunities

Trade flows between America and China have long been rich and robust – but President Xi Jinping's continuing one belt, one road initiative is poised to expand this and open up unprecedented opportunities with China, the second-biggest economy, committing to broadened trade, extension of infrastructure and increasing cultural exchange between the two nations.


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