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Efrain Antonio Ríos García was born in the countryside of the municipality of Fredonia, Department of Antioquia, Colombia on April 4, 1910. One of his favorite pastimes was horseback riding, and in his youth he always took horseback rides on a farm, or on the shore near the Cauca River. His parents were very appreciated and recognized people in the region. He began his studies at the Chamuscados school in Fredonia. Ríos García married Herminia Uribe in 1935. The couple had 18 children.

LongeviQuest representatives Fabrizio Villatoro (LongeviQuest América Research President) and Santiago García Medina (Colombia Research Leader), visited Mr. Ríos García on behalf of the organization for his incredible achievement of becoming the longest living man in the country, presenting him with two awards and a bouquet of flowers. A representative of the Mayor’s Office of Itagüí was also present to honor him.


Mr. Ríos García was resting when the LongeviQuest team visited him, but after his daughter gave him some aguardiente and champagne to drink, he woke up and started talking and being active with everyone. Mr. Ríos García was unwell for the past few weeks, but thanks to the great love and support of his children and grandchildren, he has recovered in recent weeks. His family members affirmed that he is the nucleus of the family. His eldest granddaughter expressed that “he is a very good person, very loving, he was never envious and has always acted in a good deed, and possibly this has helped him to live many years.”

Nidia, one of his daughters, told the LongeviQuest team that her father Efrain had been tired, but did not feel any discomfort. She said that because of his age, it is normal for him to have some inconveniences at times.

Mr. Villatoro and Mr. García Medina spoke directly with Mr. Rios Garcia, who fondly recalled details of his youth and his parents. Mr. Rios Garcia drank champagne, brandy and soda to celebrate the occasion, and he was very happy to be one of the longest living people in the world.


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