DigiShares integrates with Dwolla to offer USD fiat payment options to clients

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DigiShares, one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real-world assets, has announced a partnership with Dwolla, a payment services provider enabling businesses with industry leading account-to-account technology. This strategic move aims to broaden the access of investors to blockchain-based shares representing legal ownership in real-world assets.


DigiShares, a leading tokenization platform and digital Transfer Agent, has announced its integration with Dwolla, a modern payment solutions provider enabling same day, real-time and instant A2A payment capabilities.


DigiShares provides an end-to-end solution for smart contract creation, investor onboarding, cap table management, and peer-to-peer trading. The integration of Dwolla’s embedded payment solution further enhances the platform’s offerings by bridging traditional fiat payments with the security token ecosystem, enabling clients to process payments via ACH and RTP.


The CEO of DigiShares, Claus Skaaning, recognizes the importance of providing investors with the best payment processing rails possible to join the ecosystem and benefit from security tokens. He shared, “Although our company specializes in blockchain solutions, a majority of investors in the U.S. prefer to transfer their funds in USD. We are excited to start rolling out this integration to our U.S. clients as it represents a significant upgrade to our current fiat payments system.”


Brady Harris, Dwolla’s CEO, stated “We’re excited to collaborate with DigiShares as they continue to innovate in the digital securities industry. Our platform is designed specifically for businesses who are building products and services that require scalable, secure and reliable payments infrastructure. We’re excited to be part of DigiShares’ platform and enable their growth.”


The integration of Dwolla with DigiShares’ white-label tokenization platform marks a significant milestone for investors looking to gain access to Digital Asset Securities. The combination of both platforms creates a seamless user experience, allowing clients to conduct their investment transactions with ease. The partnership between DigiShares and Dwolla represents a further step in democratizing access to the security token ecosystem. As the use of blockchain-based securities continues to grow, partnerships like this one will become increasingly important.


DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining smart contract creation, investor onboarding, cap table management, and peer-to-peer trading in an end-to-end solution. With DigiShares, real asset owners and fund managers can automate processes, more easily fractionalize ownership and democratize access, and increase liquidity through the built-in bulletin board or external exchanges.




Dwolla, Inc. is a leading payment services provider powering innovations with sophisticated account-to-account payment solutions. Dwolla’s robust platform, low-code API and partnership ecosystem simplify the complex process of integrating with the ACH and real-time payment networks to create a single end-to-end solution. Hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies use Dwolla’s technology to help move over $45B annually. Dwolla offers an ideal solution for businesses seeking to streamline their payment processes to reduce errors and scale their operations.