Canada Carbon Takes First Step in Filing of Application with Commission de la Protection du Territoire Agricole du Quebec

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Canada Carbon Inc. (the “Company” or “Canada Carbon” or “CCB”) (TSX-V:CCB),(FF:U7N1) is pleased to announce that the Company has commenced submission of its revised application for review of its Miller Graphite Project by the Commission de la Protection du Territoire Agricole du Quebec (“CPTAQ”). 


On Friday, March 17th, 2023, CCB submitted a complete project description along with all supporting studies and exhibits to the Municipal Inspector of Grenville Sur La Rouge (“GSLR”). GSLR is statutorily required, within 45 days from the date of submission, to review the application and attest that it conforms with municipal by-laws. Upon attestation, GSLR is then required to forward the completed application to CPTAQ for review an analysis. The Company expects that the CPTAQ review period could be completed within a 6-month timeframe.


Figure 1: Overview of Miller Graphite Project Site Plan

  Lot boundaries   Area targeted by the application (85.5 ha)   Area of graphite pits (26.0 ha)


The new project description is comprised solely of the development of the Miller Graphite Project and excludes the previously contemplated marble quarry component.


Chief Executive Officer, Ellerton Castor, said: “We have made the decision to submit an application to CPTAQ which is focused solely on the development of the Miller Graphite Deposit. This “mining-only” project should streamline the review process and position the Company to respond to any regulatory concerns about CCB’s primary business: the responsible development and commissioning of it two graphite deposits in Quebec. As I outlined in my recent interview with, (, the Company’s priority is to expedite its ability to develop both deposits on a timeline that allows it be a significant participant in the nuclear power generation supply chain, while serving other industrial verticals with significant current demand and impressive rates of growth. By focusing the effort on the business of mining and processing graphite, not marble, we will concentrate the Company’s financial and intellectual capital in ways that maximize shareholder value, while also demonstrating a level of responsiveness to certain concerns of our neighbors in GSLR.”