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Shaip offers a 50% discount on its off-the-shelf Audio/Speech datasets to train Conversational AI Models


Off-the-shelf Audio/Speech Datasets in over 45 languages at 50% discount to jump start your speech recognition models…

Shaip, a global leader and innovator in Training Data Collection and Annotation in Conversational AI offers off-the-shelf Audio/Speech Datasets in over 45 languages at a 50% discount for a limited period. The Conversational AI Dataset is used to train Machine Learning models that support a variety of use cases i.e., ASR, Virtual/Digital Assistant, Chatbot, Conversational AI, Speech Analytics, TTS, Language Modelling, etc. 


We currently offer over 50k hours of audio/speech data collected through a specialized team of PhDs, data engineers, ML engineers, and human annotators from across the globe. The data is bifurcated into 


  • Call Center Conversations (8khz): Unscripted, synthetic telephonic conversation: “agent” & “customer”
  • Generic Conversations (8khz): Unscripted telephonic conversation between 2 people
  • Media & Podcasts (16khz): Public domain audio/video interviews, podcasts, etc. between 1-5 people or more.
  • Utterance/Scripted Monologue (16khz): Recording based on Prompts


Vatsal Ghiya – CEO, Shaip said, finding the right gold-standard datasets has always been a daunting task to get the ML initiatives off the ground. We specialize in serving AI organizations to create high-quality custom audio datasets. We offer an exclusive catalog of ‘off-the-shelf’ audio/speech datasets of 45 languages across multiple dialects for a variety of AI use cases.


He further adds, we have made the entire 50k hours of speech/audio off-the-shelf datasets available via the website. These datasets are of very high-quality that offer a quick and cost-effective alternative to collecting and annotating data from the scratch.


Shaip can also help source diverse conversational data in over 150 languages from across the globe on the below parameters: 


  • Languages, regional dialects, and accents
  • Goal-oriented conversations across industry domains
  • Spontaneous and scripted conversations
  • Monologue, 2-person conversations, call center conversations, wake-up words
  • Conversations with respect to emotion, sentiment, intent  


Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and Operations office in Ahmedabad, India; Shaip is a fully managed data platform designed for companies looking to solve their most demanding AI challenges enabling smarter, faster, and better results. Shaip supports all aspects of AI training data from data collection, licensing, labeling, transcribing, and de-identifying by seamlessly scaling our people, platform, & processes to help companies develop their AI and ML models. To learn how to make your data science team and leaders’ life easier, visit us at