PrivacySafe Launches Pre-Orders for Secure Data Appliance

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PrivacySafe, a provider of cybersecurity hardware, software, and services, announces pre-orders for the PrivacySafe Vision data storage appliance.  PrivacySafe Vision is pocket-sized, portable and, via the PrivacySync subscription service, can be synced to secure off-site data centers.

PrivacySafe announces pre-orders for the PrivacySafe Vision data storage appliance…

PrivacySafe Vision empowers home and business customers to store and share data on a private, locally-encrypted appliance.  No one but the owner of the device is able to decrypt or view the contents of the data without express approval and sharing of the encryption keys.  In this way, the owner can lock down their files while still being able to access them nearly anywhere in the world via a trusted VPN or the Tor network.

Additionally, PrivacySafe products include malware protection that quarantines viruses and ransomware, a password vault, a payment processor for Bitcoin, and a wallet for the Monero cryptocurrency.  Planned features include the Mozilla IoT WebThings Gateway, turning the device into a controller for other Internet-connected appliances, as well as GNU Health, a suite of healthcare software for hospitals and clinics.

Today’s announcement begins a two-month campaign for pre-orders of PrivacySafe Vision and a Development Kit version.  Customers may reserve their device via Indiegogo at or through the BTCPay Bitcoin payment server at

“Truly private data storage and sharing is now within reach of the general public, who have relied too long on untrustworthy cloud storage providers,” said Sean O’Brien, Founder and CEO of PrivacySafe and lecturer in cybersecurity at Yale Law School.  “Big Tech services have proven to be insecure and often snoop on the behavior of users, if not also the content of their most private files.  It’s time to stop the madness and return control of our data back to its rightful owners.”

About PrivacySafe

PrivacySafe is building a more private and secure world via disruptive and bold products.  PrivacySafe hardware, software, and services are based upon Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) as well as Open Source Hardware (OSHW), enabling products to be audited and secured down to the circuitry.