Strategic Capital Holdings Announce a Worldwide Client Expansion Drive

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Hong Kong-based Strategic Capital Holdings are targeting an ambitious increase to their worldwide client base by 40% over the next two years.

David Lee, Strategic’s Chief Investment officer said, “Although we are based in Hong Kong our clients live and work throughout the world and we have, since our inception been intentionally building a diverse global client base due to our team’s expertise in delivering investment and wealth strategies that encompass the world’s markets. Due to our continued success, we are now looking to aggressively expand our client base”.

Lee also said, “The investment world is shifting and changing at a rapid pace, faster than we have experienced in the past, we believe that due to our global experience we are more than capable of keeping pace and delivering the right type of investment vehicles at the right time”.

Strategic currently manages assets for clients in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Africa and have around 5,000 clients.

Aaron Zimmerman, Strategic’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Our main client base is in Asia as you would expect, however, the last few years have seen our client location diversity grow, particularly in Australia and New Zealand where we have experienced rapid client growth due to our current marketing in the region”.

Aaron went on to say, Boutique Wealth Management and Investment firms like us nowadays have teams that are up to date on not just the local investment arena but the global playing field and as such are able to utilize today’s technology to grow their client base globally by offering clients the opportunity to take advantage of a global approach to investing that can help them mitigate risk during volatile markets and by allowing them to reap the benefits from legitimate tax advantages while making the most of the inevitable opportunities that arise”.

Founded in 2007, Strategic Capital Holdings has continually remained on a drive towards excellence, proud to stand side by side with our clients, proud of our achievements and proud that we have been given the trust and faith to assist our clients to achieve their financial goals.

We offer the same individually tailored service to all our clients, we don’t differentiate between institutional investors or individual clients, every client has specific needs and we aim to ensure all our client’s trust and faith in our firm is met and exceeded.

We consider the best approach to achieving your financial goals is by focusing on a multi-asset path that incorporates: rounded asset allocation, Analyst lead insights, factor exposures, emerging market research and a structured portfolio implementation.