EUROMOVERS International SA and EUROVAN cooperate in the sector of Long-Distance Traffic Dispatch

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EUROMOVERS International SA and EUROVAN have announced their intent to more closely collaborate for European Long-Distance Traffic dispatching. At the core of the cooperation is the EUROVAN central Long-Distance Traffic Disposition in Mannheim, including the working dispatchers and their internal IT-support system.

Through this closer coordination the existing resources can be applied more goal-oriented and efficiently to also result in the ability to meet all customer requirements during peak seasons.

Andreas Koelling, General Manager of EUROVAN said that the on-going reduction in available capacities and the increase in regulatory requirements make it necessary to seek alternative solutions.

Thomas Juchum, General Manager of EUROMOVERS International SA, Luxembourg, said: “Through this closer collaboration we can not only meet the developments in this sector but also provide the basis for further mutual projects.”

The removals market is in the process of change: On the one hand, there is a growing demand for individual, flexible transportation-service solutions, while at the same time the number of establishments active in this field are reducing.

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