Award-winning Creative Agency To Unveil World’s First Floor-to-Ceiling 360° VR Dome

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Laduma is set to bring another first to the Virtual Reality industry when it showcases CaVRn, a next generation experience, at the HIMSS medical convention in Las Vegas from March 6th

Laduma, the award-winning creative agency, will launch a new shared Virtual Reality experience in Las Vegas this week. CaVRn is the world’s first floor-to ceiling 360° experience and will enable large groups of people to step through a door and into a new world without needing a headset.

The custom-designed dome will be unveiled as part of a wide-ranging partnership with Intermountain Healthcare, the innovative US-based healthcare group, at the world’s biggest medical and IT event.

Laduma are a company who use innovative tech to do some really cool things just for their clients and their CEO Ben Smith believes CaVRn can be a game-changer for the industry.

“We believe CaVRn can change the way people – and our clients – not only view and experience Virtual Reality but also challenge the way people see the world,” said Ben Smith, the CEO of Laduma.

“With the headset market growing by the day, we wanted to create a way of immersing the audience in our content but do it in a way that brings people together, rather than isolating them. VR domes are not new, but our design has changed the game. This is about total immersion from the moment you walk in.

“After months of detailed design and technology work, we believe we have built a world-first experience that will change how people interact with VR content. Nothing else showcases VR to this standard.”

CaVRn’s launch at HIMSS will take attendees into the heart of complex medical procedures and show how Intermountain Healthcare uses best in class technology to improve patient outcomes. Laduma has filmed a series of VR films including one for the TeleHealth platform, which allows hospitals in remote locations to link up with doctors from larger city hospitals.

As well as VR content, Laduma will showcase Augmented Reality experiences to build engagement prior to entering the dome itself.

Billy Prows, Enterprise Information Systems Architect, Intermountain Healthcare, said: “Intermountain Healthcare has always has pushed the bounds of technology to improve healthcare. Laduma’s amazing CaVRn experience gives us the perfect opportunity to present multiple dimensions of our innovative brand in an entirely new way.”

Within CaVRn, unique high-grade custom configured short-throw projectors and spatial audio create a unique all-round viewing experience that can be shared by up to 20 users moving around the same space and at the same time.

Previous dome-like experiences have used restrictive overhead projection techniques to provide seated users with a limited 180° view, or with a narrow strip of film around 360 degrees. Beyond the medical industry, there are unlimited applications for this kind experience.

Laduma will soon be announcing partnerships with leading brands in the travel and tourism, sporting events, entertainment and real estate industries among others. CaVRn will be at booth number 2832 during HIMSS.

Laduma is the game-changing creative agency that uses innovative tech to do some very cool things. They create award-winning virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences and events that their clients and their customers never, ever forget. With offices in the UK, US and South Africa, Laduma delivers creative concepts, content, software and events that help our clients become the heroes.


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