Unisex fragrances are on the rise, and we understand why

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In a time where being gender fluid or gender-neutral is being more and more accepted, it is time for unisex fragrances to become more and more mainstream as well.

1Even if you do identify as one specific gender, most people have some masculine and some feminine traits. Even women might not always feel like smelling like a bouquet of flowers, just as men might not always fancy the odour of leather or whiskey on their bodies. Fragrance houses understand these problems and offered a solution in the form of unisex fragrances, like Bond no 9 Bleecker street and Penhaligon’s Halfeti.

A gender-neutral scent

Could you define the smell of a woman? Or that of a man? Who decided that women should wear floral scents, while men should smell like wood, smoke and leather? Unisex fragrances are on the rise, and we understand why. If we would ask you to put a gender on scents like vanilla, citrus fruits, spices and scents of nature, like wood and wet cobblestone, what would you say? Right. Just like people, some scents are simply not 100% feminine or 100% masculine.

That being said, a unisex fragrance can be just as sensual as a feminine Eau de Parfum. A musky, androgynous scent often makes women seem powerful and passionate. A unisex fragrance is the scent for you if you want something else. Maybe even be something else. Or if you simply want a fragrance that you can share with your partner. The worlds of men and women might be not so far apart.

Unisex fragrances on the market

There are multiple unisex fragrances on the market. Different brands have a range of gender-neutral Eau de Parfums. Examples are Mancera Cedrat Boise, Parfums De Marly Pegasus Royal Essence and Sospiro Erba Pura.

Bond no 9 Downtown Bleecker street is another one of these fragrances for men and women. This androgynous fragrance uniquely combines the ingredients cinnamon, vanilla and patchouli, resulting in a unisex Eau de Parfum based on earthy, refreshing notes. This unique smell will bring a smile on the face of everybody who smells it, men and women alike.

Penhaligon’s Halfeti is another unisex fragrance worth looking into. This British top brand has a whole range of unisex niche perfumes on the market. Penhaligon’s Halfeti is one the brand’s re-interpretations of an old scent, given a modern character. The fragrance is comprised of many ingredients. It has, among others, base notes like vanilla, leather and agarwood, middle notes of rose, lavender, cumin and violet and top notes of bergamot and green notes. Penhaligon’s Halfeti is besides its excellent scent especially known for its longevity.

For you?

To conclude, the lines between feminine and masculine might blur from time to time. Some women would like a break from the floral scent of most feminine perfumes and choose a more masculine smell. There is a range of unisex fragrances on the market these days. Definitely worth looking into.