Long-Sharp Gallery Presents artists inspired by Chicago at SOFA Chicago 2017

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Chicago inspires. Sarah Bernhardt called it “the pulse of America.”  Mark Twain called it a “novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through her the last time.” This pulse, this inspiration, has left its mark on each of the four artists whose works will be exhibited by Long-Sharp Gallery (Indianapolis/New York) at SOFA Chicago 2017. SOFA Chicago takes place at Navy Pier and runs from November 2-5.  Long-Sharp Gallery is located in Booth 723.

One Eighty © Gino Miles

Amy Kirchner’s grandfather studied at the Art Institute of Chicago – an education that would influence his granddaughter decades later.  At 13, Nebraska resident and budding artist Amy Kirchner was put on a train bound for Chicago to meet Bertha Johnson.  Ms. Johnson was an artist; she attended the Art Institute of Chicago with Amy’s grandfather.  She became Amy’s mentor.  Later, Amy moved to Chicago and lived and worked with Bertha for another 7 years.  When Amy paints, she sees the influences of these days, of Bertha Johnson, in each work.  Six of Kirchner’s abstract expressionist paintings will be exhibited at SOFA.

Thalen & Thalen (Rob and Jaap, father and son) live and work in Belgium.  They traveled to Chicago for the first time approximately 7 years ago.  This visit inspired a fine silver (999/000) sculpture which has a structured bend in it (a tribute to the Windy City); they called it “Touchable.”  That sculpture has garnered museum attention – and since then, the work has appeared in no fewer than 3 museum exhibitions.  They credit Chicago for the inspiration for this important work.  Although not for sale, this work will be on exhibit during SOFA Chicago 2017.

Dale Enochs first exhibited his sculpture in Chicago 34 years ago – at the Chicago International Art Expo.  Indeed, Enochs still has original Navy Pier posters and a very large street banner from his early days.  He remembers John Wilson well.  Wilson owned Lakeside Studio Galleries and founded Art Expo on Navy Pier.  Between 1984 and 1994, Dale exhibited in Chicago over 5 times.   He smiles with the thought of returning.  Six limestone and metal sculptures by Enochs will be offered at SOFA.

Like Enochs, Gino Miles has a love for Chicago.   He has a particular affinity for the Art Institute and visits any time he is able.  He’s been doing this for a long time.   When they were much younger, Miles and his wife Donna would visit Chicago because Donna’s uncle taught at Northwestern.  Every visit necessitated a trip to the Arts Institute.  Gino is always glad to visit Chicago.  Gino exhibits at SOFA Chicago for his 7th time in 2017.   His work, “Inamorata” has been on loan to the Flossmoor Sculpture Garden since 2014.   Large and small scale bronze and marine grade stainless steel sculptures by Miles will be exhibited at SOFA.

Miles, Rob Thalen, and Jaap Thalen will be in Chicago for the opening of SOFA.

Recently named one of the top 500 galleries in the world by Blouin ArtInfo Modern Painters, Long-Sharp Gallery is located in the Conrad Indianapolis luxury hotel. The gallery features works from “Picasso to Pop,” with a primary focus on works by some of the best known names in modern and contemporary art, including: Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Frankenthaler, Indiana, Lichtenstein, Miro, and Motherwell. It also features works by a host of nationally and internationally recognized contemporary artists, including Chris Bracey, Gino Miles, David Spiller, Russell Young, David Kramer, Wayne Warren, Mary Pat Wallen, Dale Enochs, and William John Kennedy.