McQua Capital Group was named the Best CDO Manager of the Year 2016 by US magazine

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Baroque’s Financial Journal is a financial journal founded in 1921 to help American professional and global institutional investors to grasp the direction of financial market development for the purpose of accurate judgments and thorough analysis.

Despite only publishing only one issue per week, Barron offers timeliness of the topic with in-depth reviews and backgrounds analysis. Barron’s macroeconomic grasp, to some extent is even more critical than the The Economist. Barron’s expertise in mutual fund performance evaluation, provides a lot of more in terms of exploring the experience of each fund gains and losses, new fund management philosophy and so on. For individual investors, Barron’s can provide concise and reliable guidance for investment.

Barron’s offers strong coverage of the US and global financial information, market dynamics, and related statistical data. The magazine’s annual selection and coverage detailed high visibility, unique insights and professional commentary by the world’s major medias.

McQua Capital Group is honored to be named the Best Collaterised Debt Obligation Manager of the Year by Barron’s Financial Journal this year, after winning the Award in 2013.

McQua Capital Group, founded in 2007, is an investment management company in the United States, with more than 300 elite global team, business around the world, hosting more than 5 billion US dollars of total assets. To date, McQua Capital Group has built more than 20 collateralized debt obligations and is one of the world’s largest secured debt managers.