What The Fot! Pioneer service for interactivity in events in real time via WhatsApp

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What The Fot! is the web application which lets you publish via WhatsApp pictures and messages in-situ. In this way the user could interact in a wedding, bar, night club, concert, sporting event or any other celebration.

The user can publish contents for the event attended and they will be shown in a giant screen, Smart TV or any other device connected to Internet, in real time. And without the need to instal any additional app, the contents are sent via WhatsApp.

“With What The Fot! you can multiply the usefulness and possibilities of WhatsApp”. – says Joan Artigas, WTFot! Co-founder & CEO. “This is the time of the ‘WhatsApp of things’, let’s convert this app into something more than instant messaging”.

What The Fot! Private, simple and outstandingly innovative.

Private. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”– says Sergi Galan, WTFot! Co-founder & CFO. “A lot of users are not willing to share their pictures of a private or public event in social networks, but they do want to show them to the participants of the event. This is one of possibilities What The Fot! offers.

Simple. For the user who interacts is such as simple as sending a WhatsApp message via the contact provided by What The Fot! without the need to download any application.

Innovative. What The Fot! Present and future. After being launched, WTFot! is working to incorporate, shortly, surveys fulfilment and voting systems, as well as the possibility of interact with games and websites managed by WhatsApp or HelpDesk.

What The Fot! plans

Free, for 0€/month. You get admin features, unlimited messages and 50 images per month. 
Advanced, for 19.99€/month. You get admin features, custom images and messages, unlimited publication of images and messages and download of all content enabled.

High resolution images: http://www.what-fot.com/images.zip

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatfot/